Something different: Connecting my dots

I started following The Daily Post a few weeks ago and honestly didn’t read too many of them. I decided to change that today by actually blogging about a prompt they put up.

This made her smile.” For some reason, this sentence (taken from page 82 in Blood and Chocolate) gives me a romantic vibe. I don’t really like that because I’m not a very romantic person at all. In fact, when I was younger and had little boyfriends or you could say crushes and they would give me presents like boxes of chocolate or something, I would give them back. Now I understand the look on their faces when I did that. It was mean and insulting, but hey I was young and had no idea how that whole thing worked. Now I do.

So this sentence could either go like this…”The young woman had finally caught the eye of the stud next door. This made her smile.” OR…”The young woman had finally been chosen as the team’s head LMT! This made her smile.”

I don’t know. I kind of like the first one better because if one of my goals had come true then I would not only be SMILING, but also jumping for joy, screaming, smiling, telling everyone I knew, and so on.

If you think about it, there are a lot of things that make people smile. But what kind of smile is it? A genuine teeth-showing smile or a toothless smile (grin)? I guess I’ll assume it’s a teeth-showing smile. Am I over-thinking this too much? HA! Nah…

Things that make me genuinely smile:

1. food

2. when I win an argument

3. seeing friends

4. when my dad picks on me (I pretend to hate it)

5. when my mom calls me to talk (not rhetorically bludgeon me)

6. my dog

7. getting a text from someone you’ve been meaning to talk to

8. buying presents that I know that person will love

9. getting 100% on an exam

10. when someone tells me they love me


So I guess I am a sucker.

I can live with that…


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