There’s something about fall

Fall is my favorite season because…

A Louisiana Fall

1. the colors of the changing leaves are just breathtaking

2. the temperature changes from scalding to tolerable. Dare I say…enjoyable?

3. there’s some sort of giddiness present in the air that you can’t miss and can’t resist joining in on

4. the clothes in the back of your closet or in bins under your bed get to come out and play. Hello cashmere, oh how I’ve missed you

5. the day when you can dress up as whatever you want without being harshly judged is right around the corner. Slutty? Why yes, thank you

6. the holidays give you an excuse to eat yummy, artery clogging foods that I’m sure would normally be a giant no-no otherwise

7. there’s an excuse to go wild and buy tons of presents for yourself…oops I mean other people

8. trips to family get-togethers soon packs your schedule and you actually like it

9. those few extra pounds you put on from all of the previously mentioned yummy foods are able to be covered up without any extra effort. Good bye Spanx, hello freedom

10. the major holidays means vacation time. Hmm, where should I go this year? Hawaii or… Hawaii?

Because of how beautiful it is outside, I think I will go walk my dog. Like actually walk her.


One thought on “There’s something about fall

  1. or, if you live in California it is pretty much business as usual! 🙂

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