It’s only 7:06pm. I’ve been thinking.

A) I hardly ever go out with friends or anyone. I’d rather go home.

B) I can’t remember the last time I stayed up past 10pm. Let alone pulled an all-nighter.

C) I enjoy being single. Mostly.

D) I love all the homemade things my mom makes me. Including but not limited to oven mitts, potato cooker bags, and mug rugs.

E) Half the stuff my younger friends say make me want to say, “really?”

F) I don’t hardly ever drink. And when I do- I usually don’t like it.

Maybe I partied too much from the age of 17-21.

Who knows.


Deprivation and douchebags


I’ve noticed something:

A guy can either get cuter or uglier.

When you like a guy, he naturally becomes more attractive even if he isn’t really. When you seem to be un-attracted to a guy, he gets uglier each day. I think you either find more things you like or find more things you dislike.

A coworker of mine for example- when I first met him I thought he was a douchebag, which he can be very easily even now, but as I got to know him and talk to him, he slowly got more attractive. He’s not the typical hunk for sure. Think of a grouchy, grungy band dude. Or that’s what most people think of him at first. Including myself.

Just a funny thing I noticed today at work when every time I walked by this coworker of mine I wanted to rip his clothes off and jump his bones.

Maybe I’m just that…deprived.



I do not appreciate when people make me feel stupid. Whatever the reason…it’s…well…STUPID. I won’t tell you the details of what happened for personal reasons, but let’s just say…it’s along the lines of being ignored. You go out on a limb, past your comfort level, past the level of your gut being jittery, and say something then get ignored.

Not my thing although it has happened many times.

I’ve always heard that when you forgive someone, it’s for YOU. Not them, but for YOU.

So, if it is only for you then why does it feel like complete shit when they don’t forgive you?

I should just move on and let go. I was the mature one to apologize. I hold grudges, but eventually get tired and give that person another chance. At this moment, I won’t be giving whoever another chance.

I’m too busy for that. Since they’re too busy holding grudges and feelings to forgive me.

So I know it’s been awhile since my last blog.

Since then, I’ve completely changed the story I’m writing. It’s the same story line, but I switched over to first person and added in humor. I have never really been great at being serious all the time. I love laughing and love reading books that make me laugh so I figured I’d add in that perspective to my book.

I’ve reached chapter 5, but still continue to tweak sentences and characters along the way. I guess that’s why it takes me so long to write. I can’t seem to make up my mind quick enough.

On a more important note, I’ve gotten a job. I am now a barista at a very well known coffee shop, which may sound awesome and easy, but let me tell you! It’s hard work! I like it though. They’re so many benefits to it. The company really (or should I say ACTUALLY) cares about it’s “partners” aka employees. They even use a different word to describe us! How cool is that? Not to mention all of the free, delicious coffee I can get on my shifts.

Well happy Saturday. Or blah may be a better word to describe it. The final I have next week is hanging over my shoulders like a big boulder waiting to smash my head like a pimple.

Too graphic. I apologize.


The blues

I figured since I am in a crabby mood today, someone else out there must be too. Or maybe it’s just because it’s Monday. I decided to share these humorous photos I found throughout the past few months. Some were sent to me, some I stumbled upon on Facebook, and some I found while surfing the net.

WARNING: some of them contain innuendos, vulgar language, and rudeness, but you most likely won’t notice because you’ll be laughing so hard.


Of course, this one is my favorite.


Happy Monday, dude.



The front yard: my long journey

Today I went outside *gasp*. I know. It’s such a lovely day. The sky is bright blue, the birds are chirping excitedly, and it’s sunny.

Trying to better my photography skills, I picked up my small black Nikon and headed out the front door. It’s amazing what just going outside can do for you! As I snapped photos around my yard, I’m sure vehicles passing by were astounded. Ha!

I figured what better way to celebrate Friday than to post pretty (I hope) pictures without deep and confusing words to go with them. 😉

For some reason, my camera hates focusing on tiny things.


Beware of the dog.

Well, there you have it. I hope these are somewhat enjoyable to look at! I had fun taking them.

Happy Friday and I hope everyone has a nice relaxing weekend. I, unfortunately, will be working. “Boo, you whore!” Okay, enough Mean Girls quotes.




Quick and painful…I mean painless

Today I was going to write my blog solely on work and then reconsidered. Who really wants to read about that? Not many people. So instead I’m just pointing out some thoughts for the day.

*I’ve only been at my new job for 4 days or so and have already learned a lot. When I went shopping in the mall (before I got this job), I never really focused on how much effort it took to make the stores look clean, stylish, and together. NOW I DO! My sore feet, blisters, and everything are there to remind me. Something I’ve learned? Pay attention to details! That’s what it’s all about. And I have the next 3 days off to recuperate and make this horrible blister disappear! Ye-yah!

*On a different note, I’ve been jamming out to my new favorite song. Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye featuring Kimbra. If you haven’t heard it yet, you should definitely check it out! Kimbra has a voice that sounds like Katy Perry. Love!

*Is anyone out there watching the newest season of America’s Next Top Model? If you aren’t, it’s really good. It’s the college edition so there’s always drama and cat fights, but at least these educated girls are on their way to earning those degrees! WOO! Go girls! (Since I can’t just pick one!)

*I updated my iPhone 3GS to the new operating system. We are at 6 now! If you haven’t done it yet, let me just say, it’s great! Who needs the new iPhone when they give you the newest upgrades for free?!

*I rented Battleship from Redbox today so I’ll be reviewing that in my next blog hopefully. I’m excited because I didn’t get a chance to see it in theaters. Wish me luck!

*A funny tidbit (from my manager). Yesterday I told her her hair looked good and here’s how she responded, “Oh! It ain’t mine, girl, but thanks!” I giggled.

*Here’s a photo that makes me want to start working out and I keep seeing the commercial on TV. Maybe it’ll inspire you…to sweat!

photo credit: Under Armour- Facebook

Well, I guess that’s all the news that isn’t. Hope everyone’s Tuesday is a good day! ❤


Summertime is for “de-frazzling” yourself

I got a great e-mail today from Oprah’s website (I signed up for a few of her newsletters about a week ago). I figured I’d share this one because it’s so common. We are so busy living our lives from day-to-day that we rarely have time to take a deep breath. To me, summertime is the couple months out of the year that people should have to relax, but that doesn’t exactly happen. I know most people have jobs/careers and work 9-5 or whatever, but when you get off work or hell even at work you should try these “secrets” from around the world year-round. Here’s the link to the original article

How to de-frazzle yourself:

1. Sweden– the Swedes enjoy what is called a fika which involves leaving your desk or workplace altogether for a coffee break. The Swedes suggest not doing this solo and if you do then it loses that cool name and simply becomes just a coffee break. This takes place twice a day and usually at 10 a.m. and another at 3 p.m. This isn’t a fancy expensive stress reliever, but simply getting a strong cup of coffee with a sweet snack (they suggest a cinnamon roll or pastry). This doesn’t have to be an every day ritual, but from what I read it seems to help keep stress at lower levels while you’re at work. The best part is…you won’t slack on your work. A “2009 MIT study showed that those who got up to socialize with colleagues during the day showed a 10 to 15 percent increase in productivity…” Pretty cool, huh?

2. India– ” ‘champissage’ involves traditional frictional moves on the head combined with Western de-tensing techniques for the shoulders and neck.” Who wouldn’t want to massage themselves every day while your stressing about a big project coming up or having to work a longer shift? Sounds good to me. They say massaging your head and neck can heighten senses such as alertness and make you better able to concentrate. The best part about this? It’s free. Only your hands are needed! I would think getting a full body massage at least once a month would help with the toll stress takes on our bodies also.

3. Japan– not only do the Japanese take off their outdoor shoes before entering their houses, but they also do it at work! I know this is probably a no-no for most professionals, but try it one day and see what happens. Take off your stilettos and slip on a pair of comfortable slippers. Not only is this WAY more comfortable, but also helps eliminate cramps women can get in their calves and feet during the day. Since America is known for its workaholic tendencies, this secret could make a world of difference (if it’s allowed at your workplace). Being comfortable at work can go a long way. Among other things, it helps you stay focused and get more work done. Sounds like an awesome plan to me!

4. Finland– everyone’s heard of a sauna, right? Finns take a break from their stressful lives at least once a week and escape to a retreat of 170-230 degree heat to sweat it off. This sounds absurd when you live in Louisiana like me, but sweating in saunas is actually good for you. It can lower blood pressure. I thought it was cool that in Finland businessmen and women will even host meetings in saunas. If being in the nude among people/friends of the same sex scares you then this is probably not for you, but it’s worth a try. You only live once.

5. West Africa– people in this country take drumming classes to “beat” out their stresses. It has been proven to decrease stress and even strengthen your immune system. If you’re not musically inclined (like me) you could try a drumming class in a private place instead of out in the open like some do. While drumming with others, you will feel a sense of unity and one with yourself. Or your id as they call it. Imagine after having a terrible week at work then going beat on drums (while possibly fantasizing about it being your boss’ face). I know quite a few people who wouldn’t mind that! Dancing is also a great way to relieve stress. Both of these are rooted in West African history and still practiced today.

Another great stress reliever that’s not on this list is yoga. I have done it and loved it. Be prepared to get limber though!

Even though I am a college student without a 9-5 job, I still know how demanding they are (after watching my hardworking parents my entire life). Everyone should partake in at least one of these and enjoy it. Who knows what a little stress relief will do for you. It’s worth a look see.

Now get off your tush and go de-frazzle yourselves!