The 11th item

Daily Prompt– “What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?


I haven’t actually taken the time to write out a bucket list. I know, I’m 22. Time is ticking, but I just kind of know what I want to accomplish in my head before I perish.

If I had a bucket list, this is what would be number 11:

Visit all 50 states at least once.

For some reason, I love to travel. I have a horrible sense of direction so these 2 things clash from time to time, but personally I think they just make traveling more interesting. You learn more about cities when you get lost in them. Or that’s my opinion anyways.

I have lived in Louisiana, South Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Texas. Out of those states I have lived in several cities. My parents thought it would be cool to uproot me every year or, if I was lucky, every couple of years until I got to high school. Let me just say…IT’S NOT COOL AT ALL! You make and lose so many friends when you’ve been to around 7 different schools in your life. The experiences were neat, but never have I ever had a sense of home or a hometown. The longest I’ve lived in one place was 4 years and that’s ONLY because I begged my parents to let me stay in one place for my high school career. And even then a big nasty hurricane came through and screwed that up.

Not only did moving suck, but the whole process. Packing, yard sales, unpacking. I also tended to carry a piece of each accent with me along the way. I didn’t think I sounded very different, but even people in Louisiana say I have an accent. So what if I say, “y’all” and “ain’t” too much? My iPhone says those are actually words so they must be. Ha.

The states I have visited ONLY: Florida and Arkansas.

That’s sad that I can’t visit many states without actually living in them.

I can say one thing though- my allergies are tired of the Deep South. Oh, and so am I!

Rain, sun, wind, heat, cold, clouds. That’s a typical day down here. You never know what each day will do until it actually happens.

I’m not a big fan of those kinds of surprises. I like knowing what to wear and it staying appropriate for the ENTIRE day. Is that so much to ask? NO!!!

I am dying to visit the north. As you already know, I’m slightly obsessed with NYC and would love to visit it BEFORE I reside there.

Or Minnesota.


This world is too gigantic to be stuck in one spot for the rest of my life.

I guess I’ll blame my parents for turning me into a nomad. Seems legit.



Time to breathe


I am blogging to let everyone know that I made it safely. Just in case you were wondering…

The storm wasn’t as bad as we had prepared for thankfully. Our electricity never went off which is a blessing! If you’ve ever been through a tropical storm or hurricane you know how sucky they can be. I am glad everyone else is safe too. Our yard looks like a small tornado came through because of all of the limbs and leaves, but that’s okay. Our road never got blocked or flooded, hooray! Unfortunately there aren’t any interesting things to show you. I was hoping I would have a couple of cool pictures to add, but of course not. Unless you like leaves and twigs.

My heart does go out to all of the pitiful people who weren’t prepared in LaPlace and other areas around there along with New Orleans. Watching them on the news broke my heart. Especially when I saw all of the pets who needed rescuing from roofs and attics. Natural disasters are a horrid crime of nature and no matter how much we try to predict them, they always take us by surprise. This surprise was a good one though! Well, here in Baton Rouge.

I also want to mention how pitiful (and funny) my poor dog was when she needed to potty. She weighs around 20 pounds and almost got blown away from the strong wind and rain. I’ve never laughed that hard at her taking a poop. Anyways…

I hope everyone made it through and for all of you up north…thank your lucky stars!


Me and Disaster…we’re real tight

Top 10 Disaster States

Earlier this morning my dad showed me this link about the top 10 most disaster ridden states. I was the one to point out that I have lived in 5 out of the top 6. For multiple years! I am an optimist. I swear. Ha ha.

Who says I’m not a daredevil?! Psssh. The funny thing is is that my parents were responsible for moving me to all of those states. Maybe they like to live on the edge. Now I have a cool story to tell.

Living in Louisiana (and I’m sure everyone that has lived here at least 6 months-1 year) can say that this state is basically like hell. Year round there is humidity and heat like you wouldn’t believe. Heat that will knock you on your ass as soon as you step out in it. “Why don’t you try the shade?” People say. I laugh and tell them “you obviously have not lived here.” The shade could range from being 1-5 degrees cooler at maximum. It isn’t even noon yet here in Baton Rouge and it’s already 85 degrees! My dad always wants me to go sit with him outside and although I do enjoy some nice fresh air, that does not include sweating like a pig while doing nothing. No thanks.

My dream is to move up north to New York City and although you’re probably thinking “OMG! Why would anyone want to do that?” it remains my goal. I love a city that feels alive. Louisiana is definitely not that kind of state and definitely doesn’t have those kind of cities. NYC is magical to me.

Back to the weather…I am proud to say I have been through 2 major hurricanes (we evacuated) and am alive to tell the tale! I will say the homes we lived in did not survive every one of them. I have been through Ike which devastated the peninsula I lived on in 2008 during my senior year of high school and Rita which wasn’t so bad, but also wrecked that same peninsula. I swear…Texas is nice and all but definitely not fun when you’ve got no electricity and the mosquitoes come in swarms capable of carrying off a small dog. Like mine. I have a Jack Russell Terrier. Her name is Scamper. She’s an old lady (11 human years old), but if she was indeed a human she’d be one of the old ladies you see walking 20 mph around the mall every day and shopping like a teenage girl who just got her Christmas money.

My old lady

I sure do change topics fast. I do apologize. I had another cup of coffee earlier so my brain is working faster than my hands. BzZzZzZ!!!

So yes, if you are looking to become a full-time daredevil then go ahead and move to one of these 10 states…it’s real cutting edge stuff here in “hell”.

Until next time…