Toot toot! Beep beep!

Daily Prompt- “Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.


Not quite, but almost…

This prompt is very accurate.

When I think about my qualities, I immediately start focusing on my bad ones. Those are easy to list!

As for good ones? Hmm…those take a little while to remember.

My favorite thing (that comes to mind first) about myself would have to be that I am adventurous. Not in any certain category, but throughout life. I enjoy trying new things and taking risks. I like seeing where actions lead- good and bad. I like experimenting and seeing what works and what doesn’t. I wouldn’t say it’s a bravery kind of thing, but just sort of bold I guess. I don’t mind screwing up and I admit it when I do even when I would rather hide under a rock (for eternity). I will, at times, become shy in certain environments and be less prone to step out of my box, but for the most part I enjoy trying things my circle of friends hasn’t ever tried.

To me, the funnest part of this “quality” is that you can tell your friends about it and possibly get them to try something new or warn them against it! Even though they probably won’t listen. Hell, I don’t either so I can’t say much. Ha ha!

I have been called a risk-taker before, but to me that refers more to the outdoorsy person who jumps off of cliffs and out of airplanes. The things I explore aren’t life threatening- mostly.

I think to live life to the fullest extent, we should step outside of our comfort zones every now and then. Sometimes we discover something we enjoy outside of our boxes. I’m not suggesting trying every recreational drug the market has to offer or anything crazy and possibly permanently damaging to your health. I’m saying try: mountain climbing or adopting a pet from the local shelter or volunteering for a charity or starting a new hobby or traveling the world.

Those are all on my list of things to do before I die. One step at a time…



The 11th item

Daily Prompt– “What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?


I haven’t actually taken the time to write out a bucket list. I know, I’m 22. Time is ticking, but I just kind of know what I want to accomplish in my head before I perish.

If I had a bucket list, this is what would be number 11:

Visit all 50 states at least once.

For some reason, I love to travel. I have a horrible sense of direction so these 2 things clash from time to time, but personally I think they just make traveling more interesting. You learn more about cities when you get lost in them. Or that’s my opinion anyways.

I have lived in Louisiana, South Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Texas. Out of those states I have lived in several cities. My parents thought it would be cool to uproot me every year or, if I was lucky, every couple of years until I got to high school. Let me just say…IT’S NOT COOL AT ALL! You make and lose so many friends when you’ve been to around 7 different schools in your life. The experiences were neat, but never have I ever had a sense of home or a hometown. The longest I’ve lived in one place was 4 years and that’s ONLY because I begged my parents to let me stay in one place for my high school career. And even then a big nasty hurricane came through and screwed that up.

Not only did moving suck, but the whole process. Packing, yard sales, unpacking. I also tended to carry a piece of each accent with me along the way. I didn’t think I sounded very different, but even people in Louisiana say I have an accent. So what if I say, “y’all” and “ain’t” too much? My iPhone says those are actually words so they must be. Ha.

The states I have visited ONLY: Florida and Arkansas.

That’s sad that I can’t visit many states without actually living in them.

I can say one thing though- my allergies are tired of the Deep South. Oh, and so am I!

Rain, sun, wind, heat, cold, clouds. That’s a typical day down here. You never know what each day will do until it actually happens.

I’m not a big fan of those kinds of surprises. I like knowing what to wear and it staying appropriate for the ENTIRE day. Is that so much to ask? NO!!!

I am dying to visit the north. As you already know, I’m slightly obsessed with NYC and would love to visit it BEFORE I reside there.

Or Minnesota.


This world is too gigantic to be stuck in one spot for the rest of my life.

I guess I’ll blame my parents for turning me into a nomad. Seems legit.



A quick excursion down to New Orleans

Everyone has to do it at least once in their lives. New Orleans has been a city gossiped about for centuries, with reason of course. Today my dad and I took a quick trip down to “The Big Easy”. The drive went well and was only an hour and a half. Thankfully.

The sun was shining, the heat index was increasing, and the people were friendly. Even though I look like a baked chicken right now, I had fun.

Walking a few blocks from a nice (and reasonably priced) parking lot, we made our way to the French Quarter area. I must say, for a hurricane just passing through there, I didn’t notice at all. It looked as beautiful as ever. I loved the greenery hanging from every balcony, the trees on every block. It was just gorgeous. I know, I know…it’s hard to believe since it’s the Mardi Gras party city once a year, but it’s true. We didn’t make our way down to Bourbon Street. That’ll be for another trip. Possibly one WITHOUT my dad so I can taste the local…cuisine.

We did however visit the French Market. Even though there weren’t a lot of tourists around town it looked as if all of them were in that one strip of sidewalk. I did enjoy checking out all of the different booths and interesting people who ran them. I could spend quite a few bucks in there. Yep. We decided to high tail it when a foreign guy followed us around for a little bit trying to sell us items. No means no.

After that, sweaty and hungry, we landed at the Gazebo Cafe which is a lovely outside restaurant with the most delicious muffaletta’s ever! And they have jazz bands playing too which gives it the right atmosphere. If you visit NOLA, you must try one. And when I say one I clearly mean a half or a fourth of one because they are huge! I could only eat a fourth. I know, I’m a wuss. Our waiter was an interesting little guy until he called me my dad’s wife. Eww. Sadly, that happened twice today.

After finishing our delicious sandwich, we strolled on to the candy shop a few feet away and scrounged us up a couple award-winning pecan pralines. I must say, they tasted GOOD.

Even though I would have liked to have visited Bourbon Street and a few other areas, I did enjoy our short trip. They had tons of adorable hotels to stay at right in the midst of the French Quarter if you do plan to make a weekend of it or whatever. I do plan on going on a haunted cemetery tour of New Orleans sometime soon. That’s right up my alley.

So if you’re ever down in the deep south of Louisiana you should totally stop by. Parking is cheap, the food is great, the atmosphere is 1 of a kind. You will enjoy it, but I do warn you…if you go around a holiday be ready for a crowd. But you already knew that. 😉