Bar observations


Tonight while out with coworkers and our friends, I noticed some semi-humorous behavior that I doubt people know that bystanders see.

I see things a lot of people don’t know I see. That’s the funny part about being out in public- you just never know who’s looking…

1) My managers’ girlfriend would sneak a kiss obviously on his lips when she thought girls were paying him too much attention- even though none of us were hitting on him in the slightest.

2) A girl who used to work at my location sat between her girlfriend and her male ex lover (also coworker that moved locations) and flirted shamelessly with him. I noticed girlfriends’ reactions.

3) How much guys can be nerds/dorks but still be sexy at the same time. Must be the passion behind their nerd talk. Star Wars, anyone?

4) My gay BFF has finally crossed the threshold of physical contact with me. Hands constantly on my arm and leg in a loving way (not romantic) while conversing and it didn’t bother me one bit.

5) The table next to us was such an odd mix that they didn’t look like they belonged together. They probably thought that about us.

6) I don’t like gin martinis. Apparently you need to enjoy the taste of gin in order to. Oops.

So there ya have it. Next time you go out, take a look around. You’ll see some interesting stuff.