That crazy tattoo lady


Random thought- I have decided I will most likely (about 98% sure) be one of those crazy pet owner/lovers that gets a portrait of their beloved pet(s) tattooed on their body somewhere when the time is right a.k.a. when I have a sufficient amount of extra money. Yep. That’ll be me. I may even get a picture of my favorite animal too. Whenever I decide what animal that is.


Random (f)acts of the day

Today, my mind has been scattered and refuses to rest in one place for more than 5 minutes at a time. Here are some of the things I’ve thought about today…

The weather. It’s sunny then here comes the thunder, lightning, and rain.

Here comes the monsoon.

I braved the weather in order to go to the grocery store and buy ice cream. I was thrilled to see it was on sale! This is the best flavor (in my opinion) and is good enough to make anyone fat.

It’s worth it.

I played Angry Birds today and kept fussing out loud at my phone because I couldn’t beat every level I wanted to beat.

Grrr….the pigs laugh at me.

I watched The Blind Side because I was tired of reading the 2 books I am stuck between and the weather was bad.

Great movie.

Eh, here are my attempts.

I worked on math problems that my tutor/friend sent me so that when 8:00 p.m. rolls around I will be ready for our tutoring session.

Mmm…quadratic formula.

Yesterday, while running with my dog to the back door, the leash flew off making me lose her cute little bell, that we added to her collar, in the yard. We added another one today.

Thank goodness we had another one.

I added a bobble-head sea turtle to my desk so when I am bored or at a loss for words I can touch his head and be amused for a few seconds.

My old friend, Larry, from Florida.

I keep thinking about the ugliest motorcycle I’ve ever seen in my entire life.


Typical Sunday…