When life cooperates…errr…mostly

Events. Relationships. Jobs. Money.

It’s so nice when all of that works out, but does it ever all work out at once? Not hardly. Not in my life at least, but 3 out of 4 ain’t bad, eh?

In order to be happy with my life, I’ve learned to be thankful. That’s insanely hard to do honestly. So I try. I try to think of what all I have in my life that’s good. As I list the things, it becomes apparent that I have way more to be happy about than I originally thought.

So on the days where I’m just depressed because my life and possessions aren’t the same as more wealthier people around me, I just stop and remind myself that there’s tons of people who are less fortunate than me.

Tons. In this country. In other countries. TONS. It’s like complaining about the internet on my iPhone not being fast enough. There’s millions of people around the world who don’t even have food or shelter let alone cell phones. That’s just a small example of course, but you get the jest of it.

My boyfriend has helped me realize there’s a lot to be thankful about. His life hasn’t been nearly as complicated and crazy as mine in the past, so he’s just naturally (9 times out of 10) a more cheerful person. Well, except when something doesn’t go his way exactly then he tends to understand why I’m pissy, but still. He reminds me of what I DO have when I’m down.

It’s wonderful and pretty much mandatory to surround yourself with positive people in order to live a healthier life. Being negative is so bad for you. I know, obviously, one cannot be happy and cheerful 24/7 but at least we can try.

My new job is putting me to the test. I work at a high end spa here and deal with very wealthy people of all kinds and even celebrities sometimes (whom I can’t mention so don’t even get your hopes up). Sounds fun? Only 75% of the time because those types of people can sometimes be pretty damn rude and ungrateful, but that’s their problem. Not mine. I just have to keep a smile plastered to my face and help them to the best of my ability and not focus on their new Prada purse or Rolex watch or whatever the case may be.

I don’t work as a massage therapist by the way. Long story short- it’s not for me. Maybe one day, but not right now.

I’ll tell you about that some other time.

So there ya have it. I’ve been stressed lately because of car issues and job issues and as always, money issues, but I believe eventually it’ll work out. It has for me in the end anyways.

Just keep trying and stay focused on the things that really matter in life. You have to enjoy life because this is the only one (if you don’t believe in reincarnation) you get!



Oh lawd!

I’ve decided to add a new blog post every week containing one picture that just explains how us human beings can be pretty lame/dumb/shallow/you name it. These are meant to make you laugh and make you feel bright, even if it’s just for a few minutes- so enjoy.

Things that make you go, “oh lawd!”


“Since you’ve been gone…”


I learn new things every single day. Some I feel I should already know, some I’m glad to have learned before it’s too late.

1) keep your mouth shut when someone is rude to you- like the cashier at Walmart or wherever. Trust me, it’s not worth it.

2) letting things go- like ex boyfriends and mistakes you’ve made in the past. It only hinders your growth through life.

3) tell others how you feel- not in a rude way, but just informative if the situation calls for it– like at work or in friendships.

4) paint by numbers’ take a lot of patience- especially the ones that make you blend colors together over and over again.

5) never lose hope- like with career goals or school goals. I’m almost licensed and have been basically offered a job so I’m stoked. I almost lost hope. Glad I didn’t.

I feel the older I get the wiser I am getting. THANK THE LORD!

Well I’m going to continue watching Twister. Good night fellow bloggers and happy Friday!


Zodiac Signs- what’s the big deal? Or just another rant…



Okay, so I have quite a few friends who are totally into the whole idea of zodiac signs and horoscopes and all that jazz. I will admit, I do and can get into it most days because I find it fascinating at how on point some of the descriptions can be.

However, I do not think they are powerful enough to truly tell us who we are, what we like, our strengths and weaknesses and so on. Yes, I believe people have traits in common depending on when they are born, but only to an extent. I think nature and nurture play major parts in who we are as a person.

I am a Libra. Apparently, this is supposed to be “my” month. Or whatever.

I do have one trait I’d like to rant, rave, and discuss today.

I have been realizing this more often each day and I don’t particularly like it.


I am obsessive.


I don’t mean I have OCD and want to clean everything all the time or touch doorknobs 5 times before I can leave rooms.

I am a little different than that. I am obsessive when it comes to people. Not the stalker way, but just the way that includes (but is not limited to) asking MANY questions that most people wouldn’t ask in certain situations and wanting to be in control of as much as I can be. Now, I am more than 50% sure if you read my blogs on a semi-regular basis that you have ALREADY witnessed this. I do not hide it well (unfortunately).

Case in point #1- men. I feel for them because they get the majority of this trait of mine. And my closest friends.

I realized yesterday how bad I can get. I even had my ex boyfriend call me insatiable. I am insatiable, which isn’t good when it comes to finding or keeping, I should say, a boyfriend. Or boy toy.

Don’t you hate when you have a realization about yourself and you don’t like it… at all? Like it pisses you off because you are unable to control that part of yourself.

My realization: I am super picky when it comes to men because I have high expectations/standards that not many can fill and even though I know NO ONE is perfect and never will be it does not help me lower them in any way. Which then leads to myself enjoying the “chase” and when I do find a guy who has been caught in my web, I can’t seem to want to keep them. I end up losing interest for some reason or another and let them go…almost every single time.

Which is why my ex called me insatiable. If you don’t know what that means, I’ll inform you. It means to “never be satisfied”. Rough to accept.

SO! I will either be single forever OR have to somehow talk myself into lowering my standards and just chill. Or a knight in shining armor will come along and be (almost) everything I want in a significant other and we will live happily ever after.


A girl can dream…



Is being a “hopeless romantic” REALLY hopeless?



The definition of a hopeless romantic is someone who’s in love with love. The whole idea of it. The cheesy romantic Nicholas Sparks’ novels, the PDA…well…everywhere, the crazy bombardment of roses and chocolates on Valentine’s Day…

The list could go on forever, but I’m not going to torture me or you with that.

If you have hope that in your future you will find the “one”, does that make you a romantic? A hopeless one at that?

I honestly don’t like the word hopeless. I personally think almost every situation (in the dating world) has some shred of hope. It may be a minute shred, maybe even microscopic, but it’s still something.

I learned if I look at all of the negativity in a situation, take my Friday night disaster for example, I will mope around and it will solve absolutely nothing!

But if I take a step back and dab my tears away (wouldn’t want to bring on the eye wrinkles prematurely), I see that it’s not all bad.

Due to my Friday night trauma, I saw that the guy in question most likely wouldn’t have been the boyfriend I wanted in the end and if things wouldn’t have gone great then I’d be torturing myself by seeing him at work.

That’s another thing!

Do not date coworkers! No matter how cute and charming they may be. Even though it kind of hurts to say this, this is especially true for guys. Since, you know, us women can be a little crazy from time to time.

Anyways- you’re possibly thinking, “but he broke my heart! How can I see the upside to that?!”

This took me FOREVER to figure out. I’ve had my heart broken just like everyone else and I’m still practically just as exuberant and feisty today, if not more so, than I was before it all happened. I learned my lesson and even though it took about 4 years to get over it, I finally did it.

And let me tell you…it was completely worth it! Every painful memory or tear that I shed helped me move on to the next part of my dating life, which consists of being single and learning what the hell I truly want in a significant other. It’s not an easy task!

I’ve been single for about 2ish years. It’s not exactly my choice, but then again it is. I’m a picky girl and it’s brought me to where I am today.

So after having said all of that, I don’t believe anyone is a “hopeless” romantic. I think deep down everyone is a hopeful romantic. Even the hardcore pimps and players out there. I know you stash those romantic Valentine’s Day cards in your sock drawer. 😉


Well, that’s YOUR opinion.

I see a lot of crap when I scan my news feed on Facebook, but today something struck me as just plain hurtful.

I know, it’s just Facebook and all, but the sad part is this is how a lot of people think. On and off of Facebook.

Okay, so getting to the point- a person (who isn’t actually a friend of mine on and off this social site) wrote a rather lengthy status update about homosexuals and how they don’t agree with it.

This is a very touchy subject that many people don’t discuss and don’t like or agree with, but it’s also one that many people are starting to accept.


Their status went on and on about something they saw on TV about an athlete coming out and what bothered me the most was (besides saying it was scary for children to be growing up in this world and other nonsense because of gays) that God still loves the homosexuals and that they will be forgiven.

Stop right there. I’m not a religious person anymore, but I will never stop anyone else from following whatever religion they want. That’s their decision and life! Same goes for lifestyles.

So homosexuals can or should be forgiven by a higher power? No. Gay people didn’t choose it (some people think it’s a chosen characteristic-from what I’ve heard from my gay friends it’s not actually, but what do I know?) and their romantic lifestyle is THEIR business. THEIR life. Period. No questions asked. If being with a partner of the same sex makes you happy then do it! It literally doesn’t hurt anybody.

I’m not gay, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to bash others for it because they’re different than me.

It’s saddening to see people think of being gay as sinful, wrong, dangerous, and whatever other hurtful words people use to describe it.

Since when is this world dangerous for just having gay citizens on it? I’m WAY more afraid of murderers, rapists, and drug lords.

But I try to remain open minded to other people’s opinions and thoughts because that’s what they are. That person’s own thought or opinion no matter if I agree or disagree with them. Everyone deserves to have their own. We should just try to realize the consequences of our words because once they’re said, they can’t be taken back. I’ve learned that the hard way many times and I’m still learning every day.

Be gay, be straight, be bisexual, be trisexual- who cares?!

But that’s just my OWN opinion.


These things…

There are a lot of things I take for granted in my life. On bad days where it seems like a rain cloud is following overhead, like today, I should focus on the positive characteristics of my life instead of the negatives. I should train myself to see the positives as overpowering instead of the negatives.

If only it were something that happened overnight, in the blink of an eye, with a snap of my fingers.

Unfortunately, that’s not how life goes. All of the good things worth having are harder to earn, making us appreciate them more. Like not stopping at Wendy’s for that burger and fries or choosing to clean house instead of watching tv all day.

So I’ve created a list of the major things that I’m thankful for in my LIFE…for my benefit…

1. My family. Every family has a crazy nut or 2 in the mix, but as a whole they give me a sense of belonging.

2. My car. It’s not a Porsche or anything brand new, but it gets me from point A to B without breaking down. Plus it’s not pea green.

3. My dog. She’s 20 pounds and full of attitude, but I seriously don’t want to know how boring my life would be without her. She’s my sister.

4. My friends. While being an only child isn’t my or their fault, they keep me sane and are there when I need an ear to vent to. Kind of like interactive diaries. I love my friends as if they were siblings.

5. My education. I’d be lost without the knowledge I’ve learned from college. So many people in this country and others around the world will never get an opportunity to attend a college.

6. My job. Yes, it’s a minimum wage, ball busting job, but it’s a job. It allows me to meet new people, learn new things, pay my bills, and among others- buy things that I “need”. Like movies, books, computer games, and clothes.

7. My home. Sure, it’s no castle by the sea, but it keeps me safe and out of the harsh weather. It also houses my bed which I’d be miserable without.

All of these things are what I come in contact with every day and don’t stop to appreciate very often. They aren’t anything rare or “special”. Some may even call them boring and that’s fine.

I’m well aware that it’s not Thanksgiving, but I felt I should brag about what gets me through the day.

You should too 😉