There’s your sign!


SHE’S just not that into you if…

She brings a friend along when you’re supposed to hang out “alone”. More than once.

She won’t hug, kiss, or make out with you (and gives you a funny look afterwards that she can’t quite hide if any of those DO happen).

She won’t stand very close to you in public (or sit too close either). Not even an accidental graze.

She never goes on a date with you (even though she says she will) or doesn’t make any efforts to hang out.

She doesn’t call you and/or she doesn’t pick up when you call. Avoiding someone is much easier with texts.

She talks about her ex-boyfriend WAY too much. Maybe even compares y’all. In front of you.

She makes funny faces (disgusted, mostly) if you embarrass her or talk about something she thinks is stupid. There’s no hiding that.

Just like men, women will get ahold of you eventually (when they get tired of waiting on YOU) if they want a future with you.

We WILL make an effort. Trust me.

Sometimes I’m the queen of not being interested in guys and believe me- I’ve done everything on that list and the guys still had no idea I wasn’t into them. Whatever.

So to the men reading this, now you have some sort of idea.

If one or all of these things happen to you, I suggest don’t waste your time on the gal. Plus us women do love the chase just as much as you do so don’t make it too easy on us.

WARNING: all women are not the same so these rules may not apply to some.

There ya have it!



Reversing my dating luck: step 3


Ask yourself- “Do I legitimately like him?”

Yes, this may seem obvious, but it’s actually harder to decide then you might think for some people.

I would fit in this category of “some people”.

I have this thing about losing interest. It’s happened several hundred times (just kidding- don’t think I’ve even liked several hundred guys yet) and continues to happen.

I really start to like a guy then once they do a certain thing I don’t like, for example ignore me or something in the jackass category, I basically shut down my feelings for said guy suddenly.

What’s funny, maybe even hilarious (laying on the sarcasm pretty thick here), is once that happens, the guy becomes super interested in me.

Keep in mind, I don’t let them know this. Even I’m not that mean. I just can’t figure out a nice way to say it although I know they wouldn’t hesitate to tell me. “I’m just not into you- anymore.” Even though I told you I liked you or flirted or whatever to show interest.

So anyways…this probably should’ve been step 1, but obviously it’s not. In my mind that is ha!

Deciding if you really, truly like the guy is mandatory in the dating world.

You don’t want to hurt the guy on purpose (or maybe you do because you’ve been hurt 1 too many times and have a vendetta against all men) and you want to have a successful and pleasurable relationship that could possibly lead to l-o-v-e so you gotta decide before things get too serious. Or maybe even start the relationship.

Do you like his bad habits?

Can he dress himself without embarrassing you in public with his wardrobe?

Does he have a job that will lead to a nice, hefty promotion or will he be the manager of the Thrifty Mart forever?

Does anything besides his personality and looks bother you?

Are you just interested because he’s a single guy who doesn’t seem to be a serial killer and you’re lonely?

These are important questions you have to ask yourself in order to figure out what your next step is.

I wish I would’ve asked them ahead of time before certain relationships I’ve been apart of…

Once you decide that, whether the answer is “yes” or “no”, your next step should and will show itself. Hopefully.