My Definition of TRUE Beauty

Beauty is such a hard word to define. Since I already stated the real definition of beauty in a previous post, I am going to tell you my definition. Beauty- “the appearance of one’s self in their natural state.” See, mine’s pretty simple. I think people are at their most beautiful when they are natural; that’s the real you. All your pimples, beauty marks, scars, freckles, birth marks, height, weight…you name it, that’s YOU and no one can ever take that away.

Since I am a celebrity news junkie, I have recently Googled what a few “it” girls look like in their natural states. It’s not as bad as you’d think. All of them look perfectly fine without makeup! Now for some of the older celebs like Pamela Anderson or Oprah…I’m afraid they’re a bit scary. I know that sounds so mean and judgmental. To prove that I’m not a hypocrite myself, I will be posting a photo of me with and without makeup for everyone reading to judge. I might as well since I am criticizing how other people look, right? Right! I want to point out these few female celebrities to show you that even though they may look perfectly glamorous on the red carpet, they are still only human like you and me. Plus, it’s just fun! Check it out…and choose which you think is better. Feel free to post comments with your thoughts on this. I will read them and respond to each and every one of them.

1. Katy Perry! I do love her music and wild taste in fashion, but the best thing about her is she looks totally and completely beautiful without a hint of makeup on.

2. Megan Fox. I am not a huge fan of her acting (except for Transformers), but you got to admit she is gorgeous and what’s even worse is she’s gorgeous without makeup on.

3. Jessica Alba. Of course everyone knows how delightful she looks and I know every guy does for sure, but just in case you weren’t already jealous here’s a reason that ay change that. Glowing skin without the heavy foundation or anything.

4. Leighton Meester. I will admit I am a Gossip Girl addict so naturally I love her. She’s fresh faced and pretty. She doesn’t try to hard either and looks stunning without makeup.

5. Emma Stone. She is one of my favorite actresses. Not only can she pull off the beautiful red hair but she also has a wit and charm about her when she acts that no one can resist. No one can resist how cute she looks natural either!

6. Kim Kardashian. I know she has aroused quite a bit of drama in the past couple years, but unfortunately I loved her family’s television show and I think she is absolutely beautiful. Her curves work for her and so does her practically flawless face that has no concealer on it.

And me…

Random finding…I couldn’t believe it when I saw what Pamela Anderson used to look like before all of the silicone. She was gorgeous! I have to share this because it blew my mind so I figured you’d want to see too. Remember these are the “before” pictures of Pam and Lindsay.

Another devastating (and random) blow I want to mention is Ms. Lohan. She used to be so naturally pretty with her gorgeous red hair, but now looks used up and  ragged. Plastic surgery sure can be a blessing and a curse. In this instance, it’s a curse.

Now that you’ve seen these photos, I want to talk about the other side of beauty. The dark side that does NOT in fact have cookies. Vanity. When a woman or man finds themselves to be a bit too beautiful they go off the deep end and become conceited (among other things). “You’re so vain, you probably think this blog is about you, don’t you, don’t you, don’t you…”

Facebook and other social websites that involve profile pictures have really blossomed into a mecca for the vain. “I think I’ll take a picture with pouty lips because today is Tuesday.” That kind of thing gets annoying very fast. I’m sure these poor people have plenty to be thankful for when it comes to their looks, but enough is enough. Cramming my news feed with your face isn’t exactly awesome.

Other tools that have helped vanity along the way involve plastic surgery and makeup. Yes makeup. I love putting on makeup because it’s like painting a canvas. Who doesn’t love art? Well, I’m sure a lot of people, but that’s not the point. It all comes back to the “can’t leave the house because I don’t have 10 pounds of makeup on today” concept. It really does break my heart to see beautiful women cake on loads of makeup because that is what society has portrayed as beauty. I won’t go in to that whole rant again, but it’s true.

Natural is in. Fake is out.

I really don’t know where I’m going with this…I think I’ve had too many cups of coffee although that is no excuse for my all-over-the-place writing today. I’ll blame it on what day it is. Yeah, it’s Saturday’s fault.

I have managed not to conform to society and not lose 50 pounds by eating a cube of cheese when I feel like I’m going to faint. It’s been somewhat hard, but I’ve managed to stay just as curvy (or chubby) for my entire life. It’s better than developing an eating disorder right?

I promise my next blog will be more thought out and not contain so many photos of celebrities that I bet you could care less about.

Have a great weekend readers. I’ll be back Monday.