It’s currently 10:51pm and I find myself lying wide awake in bed, with thoughts of my inadequacy floating through my head.

It’s Halloween.

For some reason, I felt entirely too lonely all day today.

I blame all of the cute couple’s costumes I saw on Facebook. Or overheard people discussing randomly.

Halloween is sounding a lot like Valentine’s Day. Shit.

Loneliness hits in bouts. Not all the time, every day, like depression or whatever, but just enough at certain points to really fuck up someone’s day.

“Hey! Surprise! You’re alone. Sucks to be you.”

At the moment, I am bitching about being single instead of going out hunting for a man because believe me- I’ve tried that before too, didn’t work either. This is much less humiliating in my opinion. The lazy girl’s way out. For tonight anyways.

And to make matters worse, my pals I usually vent to are all out with their boyfriends and whatever having a blast, overdosing on delicious candy, and possibly sexy times.

Is there an overdose for sexy times? Probably not.

Sometimes the stress of a boyfriend doesn’t seem that bad at all. Sometimes…