Our inner Cinderella


With these past few days being a crazy, emotional roller coaster, I figured I’d share something from a book I started reading.

In this day and age, society expects every woman to look a certain way, act a certain way, and so on. Well- humans aren’t perfect and never will be so why try?!

Perfection isn’t fun, plus it’s tough and pointless.

Here’s what every woman (and man if that’s whatcha wanna do) should try! In my opinion anyways…



So…there ya have it. I’ll give you an update on how that goes once I start it when I get back from my vacation.

Every woman (and man) is uniquely beautiful and should remember that every single day. I know that’s extremely hard to do, but we should at least try! Right?

Hope everyone has a great holiday! Eat lots of yummy foods! I know I will.



Books in a bookcase


the hardback novel standing upright on your bookshelf, collecting dust. The paperback in your hand with a few pages dog eared from use.

Where have they been? You could be holding a book that once belonged to a: celebrity, ax-murderer, doctor, astronaut, department store manager. You have no idea. I am referring to the ones that you purchased used or borrowed from a library. Mostly.

One of the best parts is when you find things in the book from a previous owner. Bookmarks, notes, receipts, love letters. I’m just kidding on the last one although that would be pretty neat. I think.

Who read this book before I did? Do we have things in common or would we hate each other? Was the previous owner a recluse or partier? Were they reading this book during their honeymoon or a divorce? To me, books are like rain. They have been around the world and still keep traveling all the time. You don’t know where exactly the book you’re holding has been or who last read it. Is the book you’re reading right now the last book someone read? Was it their first? Was it the book that inspired someone to write a novel of their own? Or was it the one that lead to someone’s demise?

You’ll never know. Most likely.

Almost half of the books I own are used. Most of them either came from Amazon.com or a thrift store. I can tell you that the books I read were most likely read by women in their 20s-30s. Probably ones who are like me in one way or another, yearning to be the character in the book that lives in some big city with a corporate job she hates and with a love life she wishes didn’t happen. You know…those books. I used to read a lot of vampire books too, but I think I’ve almost grown out of those. Or maybe it’s because they are too popular to give away to a thrift store. Who knows?

Even brand new books can have a story. Who last touched or held them? Was it a disgruntled employee who didn’t want to come to work, much less stock bookshelves? Was the book being secretly read by another employee crouched in a corner before they snuck back to their cash register or desk?

When I see books and truly think about them, all of these random questions pop into my head. Books can be powerful inspirations. Or powerful tools for causing procrastination. That’s happened to me a few times. Or I could be one of the last people in this technological universe to appreciate a book with a binding, pages, and ink. I don’t read books online or on a Kindle/iPad/Nook. I enjoy holding them and turning the pages, being able to see how much I have left.


I just want to add that I practically had a heart attack when I pressed a button which deleted this entire blog. THANK GOD FOR CTRL+Z!!!!!!!


Anyways…I was going to add that today is 9/11 and even though I wasn’t a part of it (didn’t know any of the victims and heroes) I still remember it like it was yesterday and where I was at the time. I was sitting in English class in 5th grade when the classroom’s TVs turned on. We knew it was breaking news. I even remember freaking out a bit inside even though I didn’t completely understand what had happened. I even watched the second plane hit. Terror and sadness are understatements for how I felt once I understood. R.I.P. to all of the victims, heroes, and their families. It’s a sad day for our country.

On that note, I’ve got homework to do.


Random (f)acts of the day

Today, my mind has been scattered and refuses to rest in one place for more than 5 minutes at a time. Here are some of the things I’ve thought about today…

The weather. It’s sunny then here comes the thunder, lightning, and rain.

Here comes the monsoon.

I braved the weather in order to go to the grocery store and buy ice cream. I was thrilled to see it was on sale! This is the best flavor (in my opinion) and is good enough to make anyone fat.

It’s worth it.

I played Angry Birds today and kept fussing out loud at my phone because I couldn’t beat every level I wanted to beat.

Grrr….the pigs laugh at me.

I watched The Blind Side because I was tired of reading the 2 books I am stuck between and the weather was bad.

Great movie.

Eh, here are my attempts.

I worked on math problems that my tutor/friend sent me so that when 8:00 p.m. rolls around I will be ready for our tutoring session.

Mmm…quadratic formula.

Yesterday, while running with my dog to the back door, the leash flew off making me lose her cute little bell, that we added to her collar, in the yard. We added another one today.

Thank goodness we had another one.

I added a bobble-head sea turtle to my desk so when I am bored or at a loss for words I can touch his head and be amused for a few seconds.

My old friend, Larry, from Florida.

I keep thinking about the ugliest motorcycle I’ve ever seen in my entire life.


Typical Sunday…


I have no clue…

I once heard that if you had a dictionary by you when you were reading a book and stumbled across a word you didn’t know, you could look it up and it would stick with you because you took the time to look it up. Ever since then I have had my pocket dictionary (one I got from my previous college’s bookstore) beside me when I read. I love it! Being an avid reader, there are a few words I stumble across and just can’t use context clues to figure them out. This is such a simple task. Bookmarking your page, setting the book down, reaching over, grabbing a dictionary, look the word up. I (and this will sound strange) love doing this. I don’t know if it’s the mystery behind what I’m going to find when searching or if it’s just fun learning new definitions. One day I got so caught up in this that I actually read the dictionary. That’s not something I do on a regular basis. If you’re feeling dumb, read the dictionary. It helps!

You most likely think I’m the biggest nerd ever right now, but I assure you I’m actually not. Far from it. I wish I was a nerd. They don’t hardly stress over academic work. You know how I am with math. Illiterate. Moving on…

I don’t really know the moral of this story, but I just thought it was cool.

In life, if we stop and take the time to think about something small, it could be very rewarding in the end. Something as simple as looking up a foreign word in the dictionary or reading the ingredients on a food you are about to devour, could result in knowing it forever and when you land a spot on the JEOPARDY! game show you might win some money.

Silly, right?

Okay so I may have had a few drinks last night and can’t really think of anything to blog about, but I do know (in my tired haze) that I want to write something…

Oh! I do want to mention a neat movie I watched the other day. Yes, I’m well aware that I watch a lot of movies.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2011, PG-13) starring Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor. Good movie. It’s not your run of the mill movie so it’s a nice change from the usual action or romantic comedies I watch. I enjoyed it’s adventure, romance, and a sheik? Yes, he was great. The sheik was played by Amr Waked. I’ve never seen him in anything else I don’t think, but I enjoyed his character. I won’t tell you anything more about it because it can be predictable in some  (not all) parts and I’ll ruin it. So if you’re bored today…watch it. I gave it 6 stars out of 10. For movies with 7 stars or above, I’ll write a full review of it, but sadly for those I rate under 7, no.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!


The crazy, book lady

When you move to a big city, you can’t help but notice all of the perks. One of the biggest perks to me, (I like to get more bang for my buck-I’m a bargain hunter) is thrift shops. I absolutely love them! When people think of thrift stores, they (most likely) automatically think Goodwill or Salvation Army. NO! I do not enjoy paying $6 for a pair of pants that someone else wore. That’s not what kind of stores I’m referring to. The ones I like are the stores that either look like a) it is so full of junk that it may explode or b) an old shack with random items in front of it. Those are the ones where you find the best stuff. We have a couple by our house and they are pretty darn fun. Some don’t hold any treasures you would like, but that’s the fun part. Every time you walk into one you see what mysteries you’ll unravel today since they have more stuff every day! The one closest to our house is a Christian thrift store that helps rehabilitate drug addicts and other lawbreakers (which can make you slightly nervous at first) and is connected with a local church. Well, this isn’t fun when you walk in and see creepy guys staring at you or being blessed with hearing extremely annoying gospel music, BUT they have a lot of junk! Sometimes it’s junk you don’t want, but you learn to work around that.

The other day was probably the most excited I had been in awhile. My dad and I went to the book section of the store and ravaged the entire place. We found 13 (I think) books by some of our favorite authors all for only $7. I have been trying to collect the Twilight series, but hadn’t been wanting to pay around $15 per book and to my delight I found the first 3 in the series for $3! I was amazed! Since I had already read them (and loved them- too bad the movies weren’t as great…) I wasn’t in a hurry, but this was awesome. Next up, to my surprise, I found the next 2 books in another series I had started reading years ago and never finished because I hadn’t wanted to pay for the books. Untamed and Hunted in the House of Night series. The next 2 I needed!!! Do you know how exciting that is? Or maybe I’m just book crazy. A book-a-holic. A crazy, book lady.

Those were around $2 when they normally run for about $10 each. SCORE!

Anyways…next, I found a book by my all-time favorite writer of my all-time favorite television show Sex and the City Candace Bushnell! I noticed we share the first name (although I spell it differently) and initials. Anyways…it’s called Trading Up. I read her other book about the young Carrie Bradshaw and loved it so I hope I love this one too.

I was on a roll…next I found a book by one of the other authors I love. The Midnight Club by Christopher Pike. When I was younger, I would read mountains of R. L. Stine books and his are pretty similar. I’m actually reading a Chris Pike book right now called Until the End. It’s great so far! I found a couple more books that seemed to be right up my alley called Bet me by Jennifer Crusie and The Hot Flash Club by Nancy Thayer. I am a huge fan of girl books. You know the ones.

Another one down the road is an antique shop. Those are my favorite! You might as well expect to be in there for a couple of hours because of all of the unique things inside. I once found a Louis Vuitton vintage purse for only $15. I almost had a heart attack and would’ve bought it, but I just couldn’t. I went back the other day and it was gone, of course. *tears*

OH MY GOSH! I am a big fan of vintage things so it’s basically like heaven for me. My next item on my “to-buy” list is a vintage sewing machine. I found one, but it wasn’t unique enough for me. I’ve been checking out eBay for those. Shh…don’t tell…

Back to thrift stores. If you don’t like to read or buy purses, there are so many other things you can find just by taking a few minutes and digging around. I have found pots and pans, craft supplies, clothes (not many), and so much more. Plus, it’s just fun. You won’t believe how much money you can save.

If you’re against using used items, that’s okay too, but you should check one out.

You have to enjoy the little things in life or it won’t be worth your while, ya know? So next time you’re out and about and run across a crazy looking thrift shop, don’t be afraid. Walk in and I’m sure you’ll be awed at what it holds. Don’t judge a book by its cover, right? Remember that because sometimes they can look like an abandoned shack.


Spicing things up…with books?

I have noticed (before I started blogging) that my life may be full of interesting events, but it really isn’t all that interesting to read about so I’m switching it up a bit. Instead of solely writing about me, me, me, I will write about things I like. For example, I love reading for fun (crazy I know). Not using a Kindle or Nook or anything else technological, but going to the library and actually checking out books. Or when I’m feeling super spontaneous buying a couple from Amazon. So far this summer I have managed to read 10 books. They were: Fifty Shades of Grey, Hold Me Closer, Necromancer, Swoon, L.A. Candy, Sugar and Spice, Skinned, Crashed, Wired, Party, and The Hollow. Taking a look at this list pretty much shows that I like reading about supernatural dramatic sex. That kind of worries me when I put it all together, but it’s true. It’s my guilty pleasure.

When I read a book it feels like I leave my life and enter a whole different reality. Sometimes the realities in the books can be one I long for and others…not so much. Even if the reality in the book isn’t great it still lets you escape for a brief time from your own life. In those minutes when you’re engulfed in a page turner, you can be anyone you want, go anywhere you want, do anything you want. What’s not to love about that? You know if you follow the words on those pages, even if there’s a gripping murder taking place, you won’t wake up in a jail cell 5 minutes later when your eyes leave the page. If you put yourself in the shoes of the woman who finally decided to cheat on her cheating husband, you won’t feel guilty when you go to sleep by your own husband that night. It’s like another world where anything is possible WITHOUT consequences.

I absolutely love this.

Out of those 10 books (I read from cover to cover), my favorite had to have been Hold Me Closer, Necromancer. If you like supernatural characters with heart and umph this is definitely a book you would like. It had action, romance, humor, and super human beings in it with just enough powers to keep things interesting. And human. What more could you ask for? It was hard to put down for sure. I will be researching to see if that author wrote any more books.

Out of those 10 books, my least favorite was The Hollow. It is the first book in a trilogy about a teenage girl who loses her best friend and low and behold comes to find out her best friend had secrets. Big shocker there. What I disliked so much was the way the story line went. The cover is so pretty and there are reviews from other authors of other books I’ve read that I loved…it’s basically just a big lie. In my eyes. The saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover” is definitely true in this aspect. I tried to read the second book in the series, but just could not get into it. I was pretty disappointed. Beware with that one. There was one cool thing about it…it was based in the town of Sleepy Hollow. If it had Johnny Depp playing Ichabod Crane, I would’ve loved it I’m sure, but the only character slightly amusing was the dead boy that the main character falls in love with. That must suck.

I did manage to read the whole trilogy including Skinned, Crashed, and Wired. They reminded me of the movies you watch when the world has went through an “apocalypse” and what’s left are cities of rubble and darkness with a few humans left where the technological advances have come so far that you barely know what the hell anything is anymore. Sadly there are no zombies in this book. I did find this trilogy somewhat interesting, but unfortunately I was able to put the book down quite a few times.

Fifty Shades of Grey was a book in its own category. One of my good friends from college told me this book was dirty and just amazing. So of course being the super curious person I am I went and bought it off Amazon. It was one of those spontaneous moments. Let’s just say I will be buying the rest of the series. I can honestly say I have never read a book like that in my life. Even those romance novels you used to sneak in your room that you found on your mom’s bookshelf can’t compare to this book. That should say plenty in itself. Am I right? Find out for yourself.

I am sad to admit that I bought The Hunger Games with Fifty Shades of Grey and still have not read it. It’s like once all of the movie reviews took over you didn’t even need to read the damn book. I did not go see the movie either. It’s the new Twilight. I’ll pass. Now those books were great. I enjoyed them WAY better than the shitty movies. The actors and actresses just ruined it. You’ll see my movie critic side soon enough.

I love when directors and producers just KNOW they can make a fantastic book into a fantastic movie. Never happens. The only time I preferred the movie over the book was when I saw The Help. FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. I read it after and was shocked to find the movie was more enticing. So I watched it over and over again and cried like a little baby every time.

Back to books. I have read hundreds in my life (for fun!) and sit here and try to remember all of them, but it’s impossible.

I hope this post is a little more interesting than just my life occurrences. Remember…I am new to this and am still trying to break out of my shell. Bear with me, please. 🙂

OH! and stay tuned for other book “reviews” to come. Fifty Shades of Grey has just begun…