That crazy tattoo lady


Random thought- I have decided I will most likely (about 98% sure) be one of those crazy pet owner/lovers that gets a portrait of their beloved pet(s) tattooed on their body somewhere when the time is right a.k.a. when I have a sufficient amount of extra money. Yep. That’ll be me. I may even get a picture of my favorite animal too. Whenever I decide what animal that is.


Oh lawd!

I’ve decided to add a new blog post every week containing one picture that just explains how us human beings can be pretty lame/dumb/shallow/you name it. These are meant to make you laugh and make you feel bright, even if it’s just for a few minutes- so enjoy.

Things that make you go, “oh lawd!”


Money grows on trees


Money, money, money. That’s all people think about.

We have our jobs we go to every day. We use said money from those jobs to pay bills and buy things we want and need. Then we go back to work to make more and do it all over again.

Lack of money and even an over abundance of it can stress you out very easily. So being poor or rich won’t change it completely.

In today’s society, money often equals power. I hate that.

I’m one of those that doesn’t have a lot of money. I work my ass off at my job, but I make a little over minimum wage and because I have to live, I have bills. And we all know how quickly those can add up.

I guess what this rant is all about is that I wish money wasn’t so important. I wish I lived somewhere that didn’t revolve around it. Where I could only go to work to help people or spend time with friends or when I got bored- not because I had to. Not because my food, lights, water, line of communication, house, vehicle, and so on would get taken away if I didn’t pay money.

Even when you go on vacations- they cost lots of money. Which in turn equals stress- if not while on vacation, at a later date.

It’s sad. Look back through history- money has caused so much pain, anguish, hatred, greed, jealousy- all of which have turned our world into a dangerous and evil place. If money is involved, trust will be broken at some point or another.

I know money was created as a bargaining system back in the day, but geez. It’s definitely taken advantage of now.

Money makes people change because we allow it to have power over us.

Think about it…

“Since you’ve been gone…”


I learn new things every single day. Some I feel I should already know, some I’m glad to have learned before it’s too late.

1) keep your mouth shut when someone is rude to you- like the cashier at Walmart or wherever. Trust me, it’s not worth it.

2) letting things go- like ex boyfriends and mistakes you’ve made in the past. It only hinders your growth through life.

3) tell others how you feel- not in a rude way, but just informative if the situation calls for it– like at work or in friendships.

4) paint by numbers’ take a lot of patience- especially the ones that make you blend colors together over and over again.

5) never lose hope- like with career goals or school goals. I’m almost licensed and have been basically offered a job so I’m stoked. I almost lost hope. Glad I didn’t.

I feel the older I get the wiser I am getting. THANK THE LORD!

Well I’m going to continue watching Twister. Good night fellow bloggers and happy Friday!


The New Years resolution


I know there have probably been thousands of New Years resolution posts, but I feel that if I actually write it down it may come true.

This is a realistic one that doesn’t involve weight loss and all the typical topics that people seem to fail at. For the most part.

Okay, here goes-

I’m going to start putting myself out there. I’m a pretty shy individual when it comes to meeting new people. Especially men. I’m tired of sitting with my awesome friends who are either in great relationships or have guys/girls flocking to them because they just don’t hide their crazy cool personalities. I realized that I will be alone for longer than I like if I don’t change this in some way.

So cheers to this. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years and that it was full of family, friends, food, and love.

Happy 2014 everyone! 🙂



It’s only 7:06pm. I’ve been thinking.

A) I hardly ever go out with friends or anyone. I’d rather go home.

B) I can’t remember the last time I stayed up past 10pm. Let alone pulled an all-nighter.

C) I enjoy being single. Mostly.

D) I love all the homemade things my mom makes me. Including but not limited to oven mitts, potato cooker bags, and mug rugs.

E) Half the stuff my younger friends say make me want to say, “really?”

F) I don’t hardly ever drink. And when I do- I usually don’t like it.

Maybe I partied too much from the age of 17-21.

Who knows.

The Ho-Ho-Holidays and stuff


Things I’ve learned recently:

1. Participating in Secret Santa isn’t always rewarding. Especially when you put a lot of thought into the person’s gift and the person hasn’t so much as murmured “thank you”…when they know it’s from you.

2. When your dog gets vertigo, it isn’t polite to giggle. No matter how funny it may be to see her stumble in the grass while trying to potty.

3. This country focuses way too much on dumb shit instead of spending time working on the important stuff. Like world hunger or poverty- not which celebrity is in rehab this week.

4. No matter how old I get, seeing wrapped gifts under the tree always sparks my curiosity.

5. I am extremely surprised I have not been in a wreck yet. My state has the worst drivers. Literally. It’s on a list as #1.