Money grows on trees


Money, money, money. That’s all people think about.

We have our jobs we go to every day. We use said money from those jobs to pay bills and buy things we want and need. Then we go back to work to make more and do it all over again.

Lack of money and even an over abundance of it can stress you out very easily. So being poor or rich won’t change it completely.

In today’s society, money often equals power. I hate that.

I’m one of those that doesn’t have a lot of money. I work my ass off at my job, but I make a little over minimum wage and because I have to live, I have bills. And we all know how quickly those can add up.

I guess what this rant is all about is that I wish money wasn’t so important. I wish I lived somewhere that didn’t revolve around it. Where I could only go to work to help people or spend time with friends or when I got bored- not because I had to. Not because my food, lights, water, line of communication, house, vehicle, and so on would get taken away if I didn’t pay money.

Even when you go on vacations- they cost lots of money. Which in turn equals stress- if not while on vacation, at a later date.

It’s sad. Look back through history- money has caused so much pain, anguish, hatred, greed, jealousy- all of which have turned our world into a dangerous and evil place. If money is involved, trust will be broken at some point or another.

I know money was created as a bargaining system back in the day, but geez. It’s definitely taken advantage of now.

Money makes people change because we allow it to have power over us.

Think about it…


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