“Since you’ve been gone…”


I learn new things every single day. Some I feel I should already know, some I’m glad to have learned before it’s too late.

1) keep your mouth shut when someone is rude to you- like the cashier at Walmart or wherever. Trust me, it’s not worth it.

2) letting things go- like ex boyfriends and mistakes you’ve made in the past. It only hinders your growth through life.

3) tell others how you feel- not in a rude way, but just informative if the situation calls for it– like at work or in friendships.

4) paint by numbers’ take a lot of patience- especially the ones that make you blend colors together over and over again.

5) never lose hope- like with career goals or school goals. I’m almost licensed and have been basically offered a job so I’m stoked. I almost lost hope. Glad I didn’t.

I feel the older I get the wiser I am getting. THANK THE LORD!

Well I’m going to continue watching Twister. Good night fellow bloggers and happy Friday!



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