The Ho-Ho-Holidays and stuff


Things I’ve learned recently:

1. Participating in Secret Santa isn’t always rewarding. Especially when you put a lot of thought into the person’s gift and the person hasn’t so much as murmured “thank you”…when they know it’s from you.

2. When your dog gets vertigo, it isn’t polite to giggle. No matter how funny it may be to see her stumble in the grass while trying to potty.

3. This country focuses way too much on dumb shit instead of spending time working on the important stuff. Like world hunger or poverty- not which celebrity is in rehab this week.

4. No matter how old I get, seeing wrapped gifts under the tree always sparks my curiosity.

5. I am extremely surprised I have not been in a wreck yet. My state has the worst drivers. Literally. It’s on a list as #1.


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