Our inner Cinderella


With these past few days being a crazy, emotional roller coaster, I figured I’d share something from a book I started reading.

In this day and age, society expects every woman to look a certain way, act a certain way, and so on. Well- humans aren’t perfect and never will be so why try?!

Perfection isn’t fun, plus it’s tough and pointless.

Here’s what every woman (and man if that’s whatcha wanna do) should try! In my opinion anyways…



So…there ya have it. I’ll give you an update on how that goes once I start it when I get back from my vacation.

Every woman (and man) is uniquely beautiful and should remember that every single day. I know that’s extremely hard to do, but we should at least try! Right?

Hope everyone has a great holiday! Eat lots of yummy foods! I know I will.



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