A maybe-quite possibly-successful experiment


Tomorrow when my boss “constructively” criticizes me- for the 50,000th time, I’m going to think up an outrageously, insane situation that will make me laugh or be thankful for where I’m standing at that exact moment. To myself of course. Not out loud. Then my boss would have a field day with that.

For example, when my boss tells me to swirl the oatmeal again when I’m making one for a customer, maybe I’ll imagine myself out on a street corner, dressed like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, selling my body for money. Hopefully I won’t bust out laughing while I think about how ridiculous I’d look. That HAS to be worse than where I work. Right?

Or I could be in the frozen tundra of Alaska or Russia (it gets real cold there, right?) trying to sell ketchup popsicles to freezing people wearing all white outfits. That’s damn near impossible.

So I guess there has to be worse jobs than the one I have. Of course there is.

Tomorrow is Monday so I’m sure my boss will be super annoying– it’ll be a perfect time for experimenting.




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