Some days are like Crisco


Some days I really feel like a giant tub of lard. Like Crisco. Or a bowl of bacon fat.

Not every day. Just some days.

Like today. Like right now.

Maybe it’s because I’m wearing a bunch of clothes. Because it’s in the 40s outside.


Maybe it’s because I saw my already thin friend do a “before and after” picture of her before and after she started a certain exercise program.

Now she’s thin-NER and getting abs/fit.

Not fair.

One day I hope that I can find a diet and exercise regimen I actually enjoy and don’t get burned out on. And where I can still eat.

One can only hope.

Funny–how my last post revolved around food.

Now I don’t even want to look at food.

Must be a love-hate relationship. Damn.



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