Why is he STILL single?


Is age just a number?

Sadly, it is not. Not when it comes to relationships anyways.

I once tried to date a 37 year old man. “Tried” being the keyword.

Before I could really start liking him, there was one lingering question that most women ask themselves at least once in their lifetime- “why is he still single?”


Why is he???

The even odder (in my opinion) was why hadn’t he EVER gotten married. Hell, even being divorced means he at least had some qualities a woman fell for, even if only for a limited amount of time, but single for 37 years? Nah…

And I found out why indeed when I went on the first and last date with him.

Which brings me to my post subject- does age matter?

Yes it does.

Why does it matter?

Because to me (not every girl- that goes for you “kittens” out there) there is a reason that man is still single. A pretty big one.

Recently one of my coworkers had gotten hit on by a 33 year old customer. She’s 20. He didn’t seem to mind as much as she did about their age difference. He’s nice (sent her flowers at work for all to see), good looking, loaded (from what she’s told me), and from the looks of it not an ax murderer- so why on earth is this dude still available?

Well, she won’t be finding out since the age gap is creeping her out a bit, but it makes you wonder.

Older men (or women) who hit on and entertain the idea of dating a much younger person can be quite unsettling.

Are they perverts?

Are they mentally unstable people who escaped an asylum?

Questions like this seem to pop up.

I know it was one of the biggest issues when I tried to like the 37 year old. Turned out, age wasn’t the only “flaw”. His immaturity and just ew-ness did it in for me.

Farting beside me in the movie theater when we are the only ones around? No. Blowing his nose into a cloth napkin at the dinner table with my friends? No. Saying things my teenager friends won’t even say in public because they are even too embarrassed to say them? No.

No need to ask why he’s single still.

I know this isn’t always the case I hope, but it seems to be somewhat of a pattern when something of this nature surfaces.

I think I will just stick to men 10 years older and less when searching because I’m afraid age does matter in my book.



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