A barista’s top 5 favorite (and cheaper) coffee beverages


As a barista, I have had the pleasure of playing around with beverages and figuring out which combinations taste better. And which ones may save you a few bucks if you are a habitual coffee drinker.

My top 5 favorite Starbucks drinks are as follows (subject to change):

1) my all time favorite- black and white iced mocha with soy milk and half the pumps of syrup due to the fact that it’s way too sweet with the full amount plus our soy milk is vanilla flavored which adds extra sugar.

2) hazelnut or toffee nut latte with vanilla bean powder steamed into the soy milk and vanilla powder sprinkled on top. One word- amazing.

3) Java chip frappucino. The java chips (chocolate chips basically) add a special twist to an otherwise basic mocha frappucino.

4) soy caramel or hazelnut iced macchiato. Very popular and for good reason indeed.

5) a regular brew coffee (blonde, medium, or dark roast is available at all times) with your favorite syrup added. You can save money by getting that instead of a latte. It’s actually been discovered that regular brewed coffee has more caffeine quantities than espresso shots due to amount of coffee in the cup. If you want any type of creamer in it, we have those available with no extra cost to the customer. That goes for iced coffee also. Plus, the hot and iced coffee refills (if you hang out in the store cafe for awhile) only costs about $.55 (down south anyways). More bang for your buck as they say!

So, next time you visit Starbucks, you should try one of those.

I also will add that the gingerbread latte is indeed amazing. It has it’s own exclusive whipped cream and drizzle combination. So good.

***And check out the adorable new holiday cups we have along with our new gift card (seen above). It’s very small and can even be used as a tree ornament once you’re through using it!



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