Tic-tac-toe and other games we play


So today I want to ramble on (shortly) about game playing or role playing if you must. The games we play in life to get what we want. Jobs, significant others, material objects- that sort of thing.

In particular, the games or roles we play in relationships or in this case working up to relationships.

Recently, while discussing my lack of luck with the opposite sex lately, I talked to my best man friend (who since he’s bisexual has played both sides) about what it is I’ve been doing…wrong.

He told me the following:

1) guys don’t like too smart of a girl- they like to be the smart ones because they enjoy being in control and/or being able to pull the wool over her eyes

2) guys don’t like too bold of a girl- they want to make the first move; therefore, they like a girl with mystery

3) guys like girls who play hard to get, but not overly so- the chase loses it’s glitter if it’s impossible of a challenge

4) guys like BJs- yes, that’s the first time I’ve wrote that in a blog post- don’t shoot me

I’m assuming those “rules” don’t apply to every SINGLE guy out there, but I’m guessing the majority in some way or another.

Dating isn’t an easy task. There are apparently certain rules each sex should follow in order to get the ball rolling.

Perfect discussion for hump day, eh?!



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