Not the average Monday- much, much worse


Today has been a hellish day, to say the least.

Three words. My boss sucks.

Here’s what has went through my mind since I woke up this morning at 5am and then went to work from 6:30-12:30 (well the most interesting/important):

1) I strongly dislike getting up this early to go make unappreciative people coffee beverages that they will probably bitch about later on. It’s just coffee, not cocaine or heroin.

2) I hate my boss. Especially today. I want to punch her in the face.

3) My boss is a major (so many words are appropriate, but I will only use 1) asshole who openly criticizes her employees relentlessly and prides herself on being a big ‘ol bitch.

4) I find so and so (a coworker) attractive that I shouldn’t find attractive. He’s not good for me. Maybe that’s why he’s attractive?

5) When is my vacation again?! Check calendar later and start count down.

6) The cute customer with the amazingly hot Irish accent could talk to me all day and I wouldn’t mind a bit. He’s utterly adorable, I almost want to put him in my apron pocket.

7) Hallelujah!!! It’s time to clock out!!!

So you see, a typical Monday.

Oh wait, much worse.

But it’s over and there won’t be another until 6 days from now! Yessss.



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