The ex is not a disappearing act


Lately I have been thinking about my ex boyfriends too frequently. I don’t know if it’s because I miss/love(d) them OR if it’s because they are unattainable (whether it be mentally, physically, or emotionally).

The break-up between you and the now ex boyfriend wasn’t painful enough so they remain in our thoughts and possibly even our fantasies and torture the shit out of us. Or that’s how I feel.

My most recent (and most liked) ex boyfriends make appearances in my dreams, nightmares, and thoughts way too often. I never really remember the dreams about them clearly, but I know one thing. Or should I say, feel one thing- I know I miss them. That’s bad enough.

The last I heard they both have serious girlfriends and I am still single. Am I just waiting for a guy to come along that reminds me of one of them? Or am I just in a love rut? Maybe both?

Do ex boyfriends really ever leave our minds? Or are they doomed to haunt us forever?

Right now, it feels like the latter.

GET OUT OF MY HEAD! Pretty please.



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