The blogging blues

Well I was waiting to write another post until I had something EXTRAORDINARILY interesting to talk about but it seems that’s not going to happen.

So…I guess I could tell you about the 2 failed dates I’ve been on recently. They weren’t exactly train wrecks, but a walk in the park is far from the truth.

When you meet someone, there’s a lot of things that happen. Two very important ones are the following:




Two MAJOR and even mandatory qualities a successful relationship needs. Neither of which existed for my dates.

When I meet a guy, I first notice if he’s attractive or not. If he is, then I give him a chance and see how his personality is. If he’s not attractive then I wait and see if his personality makes up for it. Sometimes I find myself being drawn to them by both, sometimes I find myself being drawn to them by neither which then makes me stop and realize it’s something entirely different- desperation and/or loneliness.

Desperation- to feel a warm hand holding mine, a gentle hug or arm around my shoulder, or even a kiss.

Let me stop and say right now that desperation is a DANGEROUS thing.

It can trick you into thinking you actually like a person when in fact you only like the IDEA of them or what they may do for you.

On my dates, which were spaced weeks apart, I realized I could be just desperate to not be lonely anymore. Sad I know. Cry me a river.

Once I realize this I shut it down. Period. The end. No one (not even players) like feeling lead on. I know I don’t.

No matter how bad a date goes we mustn’t lose hope! I haven’t. Yet. Even though on my last date a bird pooped on me. Romantic, right?

At least that date didn’t try and rape my face. With his tongue. Just awful how guys think that will win a girl’s heart. I won’t even go into that.

Well that’s all the news that isn’t.

It’s hump day!



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