Reversing my dating luck: step 6


I will never understand men.

Never. Ever. Ever…

Just when I think I have a clue, I don’t and start back at square one.

Therefore, I am no longer going to try and chase the guy. All the texting, flirting, confessing I do doesn’t seem to help.

I’m finally taking my friends’ (multiple) advice and am going to let HIM chase ME. It will be hard since I like being in control and having every little thing planned at all times.

Just quit trying. That’s all I need to do.

It’s the easiest and hardest thing I’ve ever had to try.

I’m an impatient, stubborn, eager, determined woman. This should be a breeze. NOT!

Which is why I said “try” instead of “do”. Even though I’m defying Yoda.


One of the benefits? I’ll never feel pathetic and/or needy. That’s a plus.

I think my quest for reversing my dating life/luck is about to be over.



2 thoughts on “Reversing my dating luck: step 6

  1. I once saw a picture of a book titled, “Everything Men Know About Women.” It had one page, and that page was blank. So I officially welcome you to the club; we men have felt clueless about you ladies since the dawn of time.

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