Reversing my dating luck: step 5


You’ve heard of the “friend” zone.

Everyone has. It’s the dreaded zone that you are put into when the person of interest is:

A) not interested

B) there’s a circumstance that prevents you from dating each other

C) not interested

So basically…HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTERESTED if he’s not dating you. To me, love or even strong like will overcome pretty much any situation.

This has taken me years to figure out.

You may be wondering what “friend zone” are you really in?

The one that has “benefits”? Or the one that just means “I don’t want to date you, but I was too nice to say that so I used ‘friend’ as an excuse?”

Friends with benefits is a nice option. You get the steamy sex without the stress and drama of an actual relationship. And if you’re into the dude, you get to fondle and drool over him without being weird.

BUT— if you like him and he decides he doesn’t want to sleep with you anymore OR he starts seeing other women, that’s where the problem starts.

So unless you can completely handle that entire situation, I wouldn’t even try because (as I’ve learned the hard way) it will only hurt you. Trust me. Sex is great, but not worth getting your heart broken over.

What this all boils down to is can YOU really be his FRIEND?

Look up the definition of “friend” and get back to me.



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