Reversing my dating luck: step 4


I think one of the hardest issues I’ve come into contact with is telling a guy who you once liked (and was semi-attracted to) that you no longer see him THAT way and just want to be friends.

You chased him for days, weeks, or even months to see what the relationship could morph into only to discover that you lost interest when you reached the finish line.

I think when this happens, I’m not really 100% into the guy. It was probably:

A) 45% the idea of how he could be as a boyfriend

B) 15% his looks

C) 20% how you fantasized the sex would be

D) 20% how much you ACTUALLY liked him.

It’s funny how much we can try and make ourselves like someone.

If we have to talk our own selves into liking the guy then we need to STOP right there. Making excuses for him and thinking he will change won’t make him a better man, it’ll just get our expectations to unreasonable limits that can’t possibly be met; therefore, making it unfair to you and him.

For a relationship to really work (and last), we should not have to work that hard on stuff that should come easy. Liking him should be the easiest part.




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