Earthing, anyone?

You learn a lot of random and useful things at school. Some pertain to life, others to making money, and so on.


What I am about to share with you is pretty kick-ass…

Earthing- have you heard of it?

-I hadn’t before my instructor mentioned it.


***By the way- this post is just a summary of the benefits of what earthing can do for your health. If you want to learn more about it, visit


Earthing is when you ground yourself (on a mat I am about to tell you about or by setting your bare feet on the earth) and decrease the amount of free radicals floating around your body that we get from the electromagnetic field in objects we use on a daily basis and are surrounded by such as our electronics and those types of things. Personally, I use technology all day long and am surrounded by it all the time. My house, my job, my school- all of that has technology that’s on all the time.

So what does earthing do FOR you? Lots of things. Like:

– lower blood pressure

– better sleep

-relax you


Those are just a couple. The rest you can read about on the website.

We are really supposed to shut down (and by shut down I mean unplug) all of our electronics at night and when we aren’t using them to decrease the amount of electromagnetic waves flying around, but I don’t do that (hell, I can’t even turn off my phone for more than an hour at a time) so here’s a solution.


Now, if you are like me and don’t have $50-$200 to spend on an official earthing pad, I have a DIY project you may want to try. It costs less than $20.

I, sadly, can’t take the credit for this, but have made one with the help of my instructor and can tell you, it’s actually not a hard object to make on your own.

Here’s the instructions I wrote down in class (just makes things easier):


My notes

I love taking notes…very useful.

So here’s what my finished product actually looks like:

earthing mat-001

Portable earthing mat!

Now, I know it doesn’t look like much, BUT it’s cheaper and works.

Here is the plug we used to ground the mat. It has no electricity passing through it and you can make sure by using a volt meter.


Plug to ground mat


Front view


-Measure the amount of wire sheet you want. Mine was about 25 inches by 17 so that it is portable. Cut it carefully with scissors (nothing fancy).

-Strip the plastic coating off of each end of the copper wire about an inch to 1.5 inches and on one end you tape it to the wire screen and the other end, you slide into the plug after unscrewing it and everything.

-Apply tape around all of the edges of the screen. I used 2 kinds- one was a thicker silver tape that conducts really good then another that’s basically a conductive duct tape that’s softer and easier to use (used mostly to soften the edges). I had to be stubborn and use both!

– Use volt meter to check to see if grounded!


It does take a couple days of use to see the effects, but you will if you use it at least an hour a day on bare skin for best results.


Of course, you don’t have to pose like I am on the mat to make it work, I just wanted to look cool.

I am warning you that the edges of the wire screen are sharp and can cut you so please be careful. I noticed this when I got blood on my tape- HA!


So do this project if you want a cheaper alternative to buying an Earthing mat. I will most likely save up a little money to buy me an official one soon. This was just my experiment!


Alright, have fun!




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