Is being a “hopeless romantic” REALLY hopeless?



The definition of a hopeless romantic is someone who’s in love with love. The whole idea of it. The cheesy romantic Nicholas Sparks’ novels, the PDA…well…everywhere, the crazy bombardment of roses and chocolates on Valentine’s Day…

The list could go on forever, but I’m not going to torture me or you with that.

If you have hope that in your future you will find the “one”, does that make you a romantic? A hopeless one at that?

I honestly don’t like the word hopeless. I personally think almost every situation (in the dating world) has some shred of hope. It may be a minute shred, maybe even microscopic, but it’s still something.

I learned if I look at all of the negativity in a situation, take my Friday night disaster for example, I will mope around and it will solve absolutely nothing!

But if I take a step back and dab my tears away (wouldn’t want to bring on the eye wrinkles prematurely), I see that it’s not all bad.

Due to my Friday night trauma, I saw that the guy in question most likely wouldn’t have been the boyfriend I wanted in the end and if things wouldn’t have gone great then I’d be torturing myself by seeing him at work.

That’s another thing!

Do not date coworkers! No matter how cute and charming they may be. Even though it kind of hurts to say this, this is especially true for guys. Since, you know, us women can be a little crazy from time to time.

Anyways- you’re possibly thinking, “but he broke my heart! How can I see the upside to that?!”

This took me FOREVER to figure out. I’ve had my heart broken just like everyone else and I’m still practically just as exuberant and feisty today, if not more so, than I was before it all happened. I learned my lesson and even though it took about 4 years to get over it, I finally did it.

And let me tell you…it was completely worth it! Every painful memory or tear that I shed helped me move on to the next part of my dating life, which consists of being single and learning what the hell I truly want in a significant other. It’s not an easy task!

I’ve been single for about 2ish years. It’s not exactly my choice, but then again it is. I’m a picky girl and it’s brought me to where I am today.

So after having said all of that, I don’t believe anyone is a “hopeless” romantic. I think deep down everyone is a hopeful romantic. Even the hardcore pimps and players out there. I know you stash those romantic Valentine’s Day cards in your sock drawer. 😉



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