Reversing my dating luck: step 1

desperate-woman (2)


So after my last post (and my last male interaction) I’ve decided to try to reverse my luck in the dating world.

In order to change something, you must first completely understand what you want to change. So yes that’s right, I must learn all there is to know about dating. Or as much as possible.

I’m old enough to know so this is a little embarrassing, but oh well I have no issues with being open about (most of) my flaws.

So there ya have it.

I’ve come up with a little list of critical mistakes women tend to make on a regular basis that, I guess you could say, detract men. I know personally because I’ve done them ALL before. More than once and I’m sad to say that could be why I’m single.

Before I tell you these, I’m warning you, they do sound a little pathetic.

1. Too much attention. Suddenly he’s just SO much more intriguing then he was a week ago when I didn’t realize I had feelings for him.

2. Too available. I could be at work or at school or with friends and any chance I get to text back or whatever, I take it. Mostly. It’s been 5 minutes since I texted him- what is HE doing?! Is he okay? Did he get in a wreck?

3. Too impatient. I don’t like waiting on the guy to make the first move and never have. That’s just me. Why wait around for him to contact me when I can just do it and get it over with? I gave him my number, but maybe I should text him first.

4. Too eager. You want to hang out 3 hours after we originally set up the date? Okay sure, I’ll push back whatever I had going on just for you. You don’t like sushi? Oh, well we can go eat at that restaurant I hate because I like you- no problem. You don’t like my hair long and blonde? Dang, alright I’ve been wanting to change it anyways. I hardly ever wear makeup, but you’d be crazy to think I’d go see him without it piled on. Uncomfortable undergarments? Check! Too bad if you have a permanent wedgie.

5. Too jealous. Suddenly since I think he’s adorable and sweet that has to mean every other female specimen that walks by does too. I don’t want him hanging out with any girls without me by his side because I know they will hit on him and steal him away from me.

6. Try too hard. Things don’t just happen on their own. No way! I should make them happen. Text him. Call him. Facebook him. Ask him out. Buy him dinner. Meet him at his place. Whatever it takes!

7. Too sexual. I know since he’s a guy he has to like sex so I’m going to dwindle that in front of him and do it with him to get closer. He had sex with me so he MUST like me. People told me to wait because it’d make me seem easy or he’d never call me again afterwards, but that can’t be true. He’s too nice. He must’ve just lost my number or broke his phone.

See how easy it is to twist our ideas, morals, and beliefs just so that we aren’t alone on date night while all our other happily taken friends go out on the town. Nah, it’s not just because of that. But damn we really do twist everything around and morph it into something it’s just simply not.

I call this what women are good at. Over analyzing. We make things so complicated in our heads.

He doesn’t like me?! That can’t be true! I’m pretty and funny with a good job. I’m successful. I have lots of friends. People like me. Well, of course they do and you are, BUT not every guy you like is going to return the feelings. You could be Gisele Bundchen or Megan Fox and some guy will turn you down or treat you like shit the same way a normal girl could get treated. Try and think of it as how you treat guys you’re not interested in. You can’t blame him!



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