Gossip never sleepzZz

The other day when I was on lunch at school, I realized how much I gossip. It’s not like really outrageous or juicy gossip but it’s still talking about people.
Do we really gossip because we feel insecure about our own selves?

Of course, everyone is insecure about something no matter how beautiful or successful or kind they are.

As my friend likes to put it (or justify it in my eyes), is we aren’t being mean because we are telling the truth. Which is true. We don’t lie and make up useless rumors or anything scandalous.

I’m no into that. Not one bit.

But why do we do it? Of course, I’ll admit that the school I attend is rather…well…boring because we have limited access to…information. And students.

I’ll also admit that when I’m mad or shocked at someone, I will talk about them. It’s just a way I vent.

And trust me, I need to vent. Let me rephrase that, I HAVE to vent. I’m not one of those gals who can bottle up my emotions. And I’m damn glad of that because it would explode into a million pieces.

Is it just a girl thing to gossip or are guys guilty of it as well?



2 thoughts on “Gossip never sleepzZz

  1. Dont be fooled. Guys gossip just as much but they get over their disagreements whereas females hold onto the grudges and keep beating a dead horse. The exact reason why I prefer my male friends lol Your post was a great read!

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