These things…

There are a lot of things I take for granted in my life. On bad days where it seems like a rain cloud is following overhead, like today, I should focus on the positive characteristics of my life instead of the negatives. I should train myself to see the positives as overpowering instead of the negatives.

If only it were something that happened overnight, in the blink of an eye, with a snap of my fingers.

Unfortunately, that’s not how life goes. All of the good things worth having are harder to earn, making us appreciate them more. Like not stopping at Wendy’s for that burger and fries or choosing to clean house instead of watching tv all day.

So I’ve created a list of the major things that I’m thankful for in my LIFE…for my benefit…

1. My family. Every family has a crazy nut or 2 in the mix, but as a whole they give me a sense of belonging.

2. My car. It’s not a Porsche or anything brand new, but it gets me from point A to B without breaking down. Plus it’s not pea green.

3. My dog. She’s 20 pounds and full of attitude, but I seriously don’t want to know how boring my life would be without her. She’s my sister.

4. My friends. While being an only child isn’t my or their fault, they keep me sane and are there when I need an ear to vent to. Kind of like interactive diaries. I love my friends as if they were siblings.

5. My education. I’d be lost without the knowledge I’ve learned from college. So many people in this country and others around the world will never get an opportunity to attend a college.

6. My job. Yes, it’s a minimum wage, ball busting job, but it’s a job. It allows me to meet new people, learn new things, pay my bills, and among others- buy things that I “need”. Like movies, books, computer games, and clothes.

7. My home. Sure, it’s no castle by the sea, but it keeps me safe and out of the harsh weather. It also houses my bed which I’d be miserable without.

All of these things are what I come in contact with every day and don’t stop to appreciate very often. They aren’t anything rare or “special”. Some may even call them boring and that’s fine.

I’m well aware that it’s not Thanksgiving, but I felt I should brag about what gets me through the day.

You should too 😉



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