My list of the perks of singleness

Within the past few years, I’ve contemplated whether I enjoy relationships or if I enjoy the single life more. You’re probably thinking, “you’re so young!” This is true, but in this day and age, kids are getting married and starting families as early as 17. Craziness!

I think I’ve finally reached that point where I’m content on being just me. Single and free. Of course, I won’t deny the pleasures of having that special man in your life, but my experiences has led me to believe men are drama. Not all, but the ones I’ve been with. I know us women can be drama queens too though!

So back to being single. Let me share the perks…

1. Shaving- no more if you don’t want to. There’s no boyfriend or husband around the corner waiting to glide their hands along your legs. You save money on razors and shaving cream. Added leg hair goes a long way during the colder months. Totally kidding…*coughs*

2. Wardrobe- push up bras, lacy panties, sexy lingerie? This world knows not of those. I now welcome you to the world of nude undergarments and sweatpants. Or Snuggies if you prefer.

3. Diet- what diet? No diets here. You want a hamburger at 2 in the morning? Well go get one! Don’t feel like cutting calories and running those 5 miles a day to fit into that teeny weeny black bikini? By all means, sit your booty down on your couch and become acquainted. They aren’t just for guests and decoration.

4. Cosmetics- waking up an hour or 2 before school/work to apply all 10 of your makeup products just because you think you might see your man that day doesn’t exist here. I can’t remember the last time (before today) that I wore makeup. I hardly wear it! It has to be a special SPECIAL occasion. Pimples, bags under the eyes, red splotchy cheeks? Hello, natural beauty. Let your skin breathe and spend those extra hours in bed or, well, doing anything else!

5. Time- is all yours! No more dividing up your time between your hundreds of responsibilities and your main squeeze. Hang out with those close girlfriends or family members you put on the back burner and go wild! Or treat yourself to that mani/pedi combo you’ve been eyeing.

I will admit that I do have my lonely days where I wish I had a hunky drama king but they pass. When the right man and right time comes around, I will be ready. Hopefully that’ll be after college.

There’s positives and negatives to being single or in a relationship, you just have to weigh the options. 🙂



One thought on “My list of the perks of singleness

  1. As a person who is contemplating ending singlehood, I need to make up such a list!

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