All natural, baby!

Normally, I don’t blog on particular personal events anymore, but I just couldn’t help this one!

I’ve been dying my hair for years, as I’ve said before. About a couple months ago, I decided to completely stop dying it. At the time, it was red and was taking forever to go away because I started when it was really short.

Here’s the before picture…scary roots!


I decided to get a little help from the Aveda Institute.

Here’s how it went…


First they had to strip the red out and bleach it which ended up turning my hair a weird blondish pink color.


Then they applied the color which they matched as perfectly to my roots as possible.

And then… The final product, which I’m definitely happy about.


They lightened my hair but my natural color is a teeny tiny bit darker than this. I love it!

Now my hair has officially started the road to COMPLETE healthiness.

If you’ve been contemplating this big step, I suggest GO FOR IT!



2 thoughts on “All natural, baby!

  1. It looks beautiful!

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