The right thing isn’t always the easy thing

The other day one of my friends told me about a rather interesting conversation she had had.

People’s ability to cheat and betray others they “love” always shocks me. I know there are evil people out there in the world, but it still shocks me.



My friend had gotten into this argument with a good friend of hers that lead to them not communicating for a few months. She finally decided that it was time to apologize and make things right. She doesn’t like to hold things like that inside. Before this unfolded, the friend’s boyfriend had contacted her and had told her he wanted them to make things right. She found it odd that he had randomly messaged her because they never talked when they weren’t around the friend/girlfriend, but she went along with it because she doesn’t like to assume things. Well…turned out nothing weird went on. At first.

She apologized to her friend and everything was fine. Luckily.

About a week or so later, the boyfriend texted her out of the blue. She thought it would be about the friend/girlfriend. She was wrong.

First of all, every time he talked to her he would always mention that she was gone or not around and that she shouldn’t contact him unless he talked to her first. We all thought this was fishy.

So he texted her and she couldn’t wait to let him know that she had apologized and everything. The friend/girlfriend hadn’t mentioned it to him at all. The boyfriend kept texting her and begging her to go hang out with him because his girlfriend (her friend) wasn’t going to be there one night. Of course my friend was like ‘no way that would be weird and even weirder without your girlfriend’s knowledge’. He argued that ‘it would be fine and that she would never find out’. Keep in mind that they’ve NEVER hung out alone or even talked without the friend/girlfriend being present.

I think anyone who reads that will think that’s the first sign of something being fishy. Fishy, as in, all you need  is a little mayo and mustard and you have a tuna salad.

…she continued to text him (it was completely innocent on her part) when all of a sudden he announced that he had to make a confession. She had an idea of what he was going to admit. I mean, seriously, all she had to do was put 2 and 2 together.

He admitted…”I always kinda had a little thing for you…” BA DA BOOM!


There are a couple different ways someone could handle a sticky situation like this (all leading to VERY different consequences):

A) you could take him up on his offer (almost every girl thinks he’s attractive or so he says EXCEPT YOU) and possibly have a “fun” time BUT putting yourself at risk of being caught red-handed and never fully regain the friendship of the friend/girlfriend EVER again

B) you could stop talking to him cold turkey after letting him know what an ass he is for even suggesting something so absurd (how could you do THAT to a friend?! Especially one who has a baby with this guy)

C) be murdered- because that’s what would happen if this friend ever found out that you had snuck behind HER back with HER man- yes, she’s a little on the crazy side

My dear friend chose option…drum roll please…B.

First off, she let him know that he was NOT her type even if all other girls seemed to be attracted to him. Secondly, she let him know that it was a shitty thing to do to his long time girlfriend and child. Thirdly, she told him she could not talk to him that way. It was against all of her morals and just simply wrong in soooo many ways.

Plus she kept the conversation on file JUST IN CASE.

Of course after she shut him down, he started making up excuses.

I’ve been drinking..

I’ve never done that before..

Please don’t ever tell anyone!

And the best one of all… “I never liked you THAT way.

Blah, blah, blah.

Sorry man, busted!

Once you announce something like that and then get denied…it looks obvious and very pathetic when you take it back. Words can’t be taken back. They aren’t exchangeable or refundable. They are forever.

When she told me about this, I was flabbergasted. How could a guy who has a girlfriend and a beautiful baby do this? Yes, alcohol helps us do dumb things, BUT in the end it is still our option to go through with them.

Sorry (guy who shall not be named), you lose.

She has decided not to tell the friend/girlfriend because that would just lead to a bunch of drama. She simply chose to never speak to him again. I think she’s smart and handled the sticky situation awesomely.

Why men (and women sometimes) feel compelled to pull that crap is beyond me. I will never understand it. Sure, technically you’re single until you’re married, but still it’s betrayal!


On a lighter note, I have been so INSANELY busy with work and school that I have abandoned y’all and my book.

I am now a certified barista though. Go me!

Being a barista is a lot harder than we make it look to people on the outside. I was extremely stressed last week because I had finals. Only one, BUT that one was a tough b*tch.

I ended up studying for it 4 days total. Between work and school, I wasn’t able to study as much as I would have liked, but I still ended up making an A on it which was my goal. For some reason, ever since I started this school, I have made it my goal to make a 4.0 every semester. So far, I’ve done that. The day that doesn’t happen will be the day my life ends. Totally kidding! I will be doing my absolute best not to let that happen though!


Well, looks like the Easter bunny will be visiting many kids tomorrow. I talked to Mr. Bunny and he said he is super busy getting those baskets of goodies ready.

I unfortunately have to work 😦

Maybe I’ll get lucky and the Easter bunny will come visit Starbucks.


Okay, gotta go! Happy Easter!




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