I do not appreciate when people make me feel stupid. Whatever the reason…it’s…well…STUPID. I won’t tell you the details of what happened for personal reasons, but let’s just say…it’s along the lines of being ignored. You go out on a limb, past your comfort level, past the level of your gut being jittery, and say something then get ignored.

Not my thing although it has happened many times.

I’ve always heard that when you forgive someone, it’s for YOU. Not them, but for YOU.

So, if it is only for you then why does it feel like complete shit when they don’t forgive you?

I should just move on and let go. I was the mature one to apologize. I hold grudges, but eventually get tired and give that person another chance. At this moment, I won’t be giving whoever another chance.

I’m too busy for that. Since they’re too busy holding grudges and feelings to forgive me.

So I know it’s been awhile since my last blog.

Since then, I’ve completely changed the story I’m writing. It’s the same story line, but I switched over to first person and added in humor. I have never really been great at being serious all the time. I love laughing and love reading books that make me laugh so I figured I’d add in that perspective to my book.

I’ve reached chapter 5, but still continue to tweak sentences and characters along the way. I guess that’s why it takes me so long to write. I can’t seem to make up my mind quick enough.

On a more important note, I’ve gotten a job. I am now a barista at a very well known coffee shop, which may sound awesome and easy, but let me tell you! It’s hard work! I like it though. They’re so many benefits to it. The company really (or should I say ACTUALLY) cares about it’s “partners” aka employees. They even use a different word to describe us! How cool is that? Not to mention all of the free, delicious coffee I can get on my shifts.

Well happy Saturday. Or blah may be a better word to describe it. The final I have next week is hanging over my shoulders like a big boulder waiting to smash my head like a pimple.

Too graphic. I apologize.



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  1. wll put dear follower back

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