Practice makes…er…success?

When I first started blogging, I wrote something practically every day. I would be skimming through my “Reader” and notice people would wait a week or longer to post. I thought to myself, “how can they go that long?!”

I understand why now.

Life takes you on a wild goose chase sometimes and when you get a day or an hour or even a few minutes to slow down and relax, you don’t feel like running to your computer or smartphone to write about it.

That’s how I feel nowadays. My last blog was over a week ago (not sure when exactly) and I didn’t even realize that until just now.

When you’re caught up with your responsibilities, life happens. Basically when you least expect it.


So I guess that means I have a life? This is a big moment for me. *applause* Nah, totally kidding.

But school sure does take up lots of your time. And job hunting. And social time.


So any-who…I had my first clinic Friday. For those of you who haven’t been to massage therapy school (most of you I’m sure), it’s when you start massaging paying clients that book appointments with my school for practice. It only happens on Fridays during the day for day students.

I cannot even come up with an example for how nervous I was. I starting obsessing about it Thursday. Studying the movements for the massage I would be performing, making sure I didn’t forget anything. Which by the way is hard to do without a REAL massage table. You’d be surprised that you actually need one to perform good massages.

So after doing a half ass practice on one of my friends on her couch, I went home and studied the paper till I couldn’t see straight. I even pestered all of my school friends with questions about every detail of clinic. I actually slept that night which is surprising. I was alright until I got to school. Once I walked up those stairs and realized I had never done one of these before, I started freaking out inside. I was jittery. Very jittery. Almost like I had took a few shots of espresso.

After getting a pep talk from the clinic supervisor (also a teacher) who’s awesome, I began to settle down a little. A LITTLE! Only a little…

When someone tells you to NOT be nervous, you can’t help but get a little more nervous.

Then my first client walked in. Nervous doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt. I greeted him and got him on the table after looking over his intake forms and began working. For those of you who have never had a massage before, a Swedish is the most light pressure and relaxing one we do.

This guy was in his 60s. Sort of grouchy and wanted more pressure. I haven’t taken the deep tissue class yet so my pressure isn’t bone deep. Unless I put all of my body weight into it.


I ended up messing up on a few moves while I worked on him. I was sweating bullets and kept forgetting to do things.

Let’s just say after him, I was good to go. Since I was not booked with clients immediately after, I was able to work on a classmate who also didn’t have clients to work on at the same time. She gave me part of a deep tissue massage on my back. One word- OUCH! I’m still feeling it today, but from what I’ve heard, that’s normal.

For my first day, I only had 2 out of 4 paying clients. That was PLENTY. After the last guy, I felt pretty good.

Each client has to fill out an evaluation form on the massage therapist after they are through. I was afraid to know how I did on the first massage, but after all- my evaluations were actually positive! I could finally breathe. You’d be surprised at how much you don’t breathe in times of stress or anxiety.

I guess I could rate my first clinic EVER as good. Not awesome. Not perfect. Not horrible. Just good.

I am definitely sore from everything that I did yesterday. Last night, I got home and crashed on my couch. I made it to bed and ASLEEP by 10 p.m. That’s a record. I am hoping the pain subsides completely. For the most part, it has. My bad posture is to blame for it. I deserve a slap on the hand. My Swedish teacher would definitely slap my hand if she saw how I looked.

Practice makes perfect. I don’t believe in perfect though so I guess that saying doesn’t quite fit. Practice makes success. Yes, that’s better. Not as…cut throat.

Here’s to a weekend of relaxation and laziness. Well, laziness doesn’t exist in my life right now, but I’m damn sure gonna try my best.

Happy weekend. 🙂



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