When you’re angry…

In Tai Chi class today (I always want to call it Chai Tea- like my favorite Starbucks drink), I learned some very useful tips. And like the teacher said, I will share them with you, not teach them to you. Most of these tips are about anger which is pretty common in my life right now unfortunately. Hopefully this class helps me help myself! And you. If you want…

1. When you get angry, your stance is part of what’s making you mad. Next time you yell at your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/mom/dad/sister/brother or whoever, take a deep breath and stop yourself. Look down and see if your knees are locked. Are your shoulders up towards your ears? These simple body mechanics can lead to a black out because the blood isn’t getting to your head. And you won’t even know what happened!

2. Start with fixing yourself before you try to fix the people around you. Trust me, it’s way easier. You are your problem, not anyone else. Figure out why you’re angry with whoever and start inside.

3. When you point a finger at someone, remember 3 are pointing back at you. Clever, right? Most of the time we insult, curse, or are just plain mean to people because WE have something going on inside us. In Psychology, they call this projection.

4. When you’re having a fight or I should say argument with someone you love (friend, family member, lover), stop what you’re doing and just apologize. Then say “I love you.” You would be amazed at how much that can do. After that, things will get better.

5. If you think positive, you will stay positive and everyone around you will too. I know how hard it is to be optimistic. When life just keeps throwing lemons at you, it’s tough not to throw them back. It’s NOT impossible though.

Well hopefully over the weekend you can try out one or all of these. Or wait…that would entail that you need to get angry. Just try these out next time you find yourself in an angry tizzy.

Happy weekend.



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