Men vs. Women

Are men and women really that different when it comes to relationships?

When I was younger, I thought men were evil and women were the victims.

Boy, did I have a major reality check.

Men and women are capable of the same things in relationships. Men cheat. Women cheat. Men propose. Women propose. Men break hearts. Women break hearts.

Men aren’t always the bad guys in love stories like society seems to portray. Neither are women.

Looking back on my past “lovers”, I see that the sexes aren’t really that different. Women get upset with boyfriends and cry to their girl friends. So do men. Late night obsessing over how someone broke a piece of your heart? Not only a female thing.

It’s shocking how similar we are. I know, someone out there reading this blog is probably screaming and possibly throwing items at their computer screen but if you think about it, it’s true.

I’ve dated guys who were sensitive, clingy, and spilled their feelings like there was no tomorrow. I’ve also dated guys who filled the typical male stereotype. I’ll let you come up with the descriptive adjective(s) of your choice.

I think what it all boils down to is how we react to situations in relationships. Women (sometimes) lose their heads and scream while men (sometimes) completely shut down. Or beat the shit out of any other guy involved. Come to think of it, I’ve seen women do that too.

This small discovery makes me smile.

We can be just as aggressive as men while they can be just as sensitive as we are.

Just something to think about…



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