Habitual lip balm-er

I am a habitual creature. I never wanted to admit that because then a slew of adjectives follow in my head. Boring, predictable, set in my ways, old…and so on.

People like doing things the same way every day. This isn’t a bad thing. Most of the time. It’s a human thing. Or that’s what I’ve heard.

I realized something this morning as I was trying to convince a friend to start wearing Chap stick at night. I have been wearing some form of lip balm every single night for about 10 freakin’ years.

Isn’t that insane?

I have stepped up in this world. My lips are organic.

I have stepped up in this world. My lips are organic.

I can’t even go to sleep without it anymore. A yellow egg-shaped tube stays on my nightstand at all times. I feel like my lips will turn into some dry, chapped, hideous monster overnight. A monster no one will even consider kissing or get close to. Not that I do that a lot anyways. Ha. I am living the dream, what can I say? Just thinking about my lips being chapped made me get up and put some on. So this rather odd discovery made me start thinking. I know, “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!”

People have so many habits. Some that they don’t even know about. Like me.

For some, it’s drinking a cup of coffee or tea every morning before work. For others, it’s sleeping with some form of “comfort” at night like teddy bears, pillows, or night lights. I totally understand both. I love coffee and tea. I love sleeping with a teddy bear.

Habits are not necessarily a bad thing. Let me rephrase that. Habits aren’t a bad thing if they do not harm you. Drinking, smoking, drugs…bad habits, but I will not even go down that road because it’s your life and who am I to get into your business?

Isn’t having habits what makes us human after all?

I bite my nails. I know, how 4th grade of me. I’ve tried stopping. I really have. I’ve stopped for the most part I guess. I only do it when I’m nervous and anxious. Kind of like smoking a cigarette or something. I know how hard habits can be to break. Trust me. That’s why I won’t criticize you for smoking, drinking, and all that fun stuff. I try my best NOT to be a hypocrite. Those drive me insane. Literally.

So since I just wrote a blog about lip balm basically, I’m going to go out and get a life. Anyone know where those are sold? Ha.

Happy Friday!




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