Finals are finally here

This is my last week of classes until January 7 and I’m stoked. I have taken 2 finals already so I’m halfway through!

If you’re a college student or have taken any college courses you know how great a feeling it is to study then ace your exams. IT’S GREAT!

Over the years, I have picked up a few tips for studying.


1. Stay focused- whatever is on your mind can WAIT.

2. Turn on some soft WORDLESS music. If it has lyrics in it, you will be paying attention to those instead of what you’re studying.

3. Give yourself plenty of breaks in between. Study for 30 minutes then take a 10 minute break to have a snack and answer all of your texts.

4. Keep your phone away from you. If you get a text you will WANT to answer it.

5. Give yourself plenty of time to study. Start earlier than you need so that you don’t feel rushed or unprepared closer to exam time.

I hope these small tips help someone out there. They sure have helped me!



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