Don’t ask

What question do you hate to be asked? Why?

There are actually 2 questions I don’t like being asked.

1. “How would you describe yourself?”

2. “How are you doing?”

You’re probably wondering why on earth I don’t like those questions because they’re both about me.

Here’s why:

When someone asks you to describe yourself, there are many traits you could list. I’m smart, pretty, rich, skinny, MVP, popular, perfect. Does any of that appeal to the other person? No. It makes you seem like you’re full of yourself and are begging for attention. I would much rather let a person see how I am instead of me trying to come up with a way to tell them and not seem a) self righteous b) self doubtful. Neither of those sound good to me.

When someone asks you how you’re doing they really don’t care half of the time. In the south, it’s a way to enter a room without seeming like a snob. I bet if you told them “I’m doing horrible and thinking about jumping off of a bridge later” they would nod their head with a smile and say “that’s great!” I don’t mean your close friends and family, I mean people you see everyday or cashiers that check you out at stores. They have problems of their own and don’t care about yours. Then there’s the people who ask you how you’re doing JUST to talk about themselves. “Hi how are you today?” “I’m okay. You?” “Oh, I’m doing great! I got married last week and won the lottery. I’m gonna buy 4 houses, 2 cars, 5 parrots, and a RV after I go mountain climbing with my stepson and get sunburned on the beaches of Florida.”

Like I said…no one really cares how you’re doing.

Maybe it’s just me noticing this…



2 thoughts on “Don’t ask

  1. No, it is just you noticing…I hate that “how are you” question too. Why? Because, in my opinion, it is never asked sincerely. How am I doing? Well if you have an hour or so and really care then I’ll tell you…

    I always see it as a you noted, so they can talk about themselves.

    If someone you know really cares they already know how you are doing and don’t have to ask.

    That describe yourself question…ugh…really? Do you want me to tell you want you want to hear? Or do you want the truth? Fact is you can’t handle the truth.

    I agree with you on both questions, they suck!

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