So many flaws, so little time

What is your worst quality?

Hmm, only one?

Let’s see. My least favorite quality would be that I don’t have big enough balls. Yep. Lady balls. When I get mad, I talk crap. Crap I wish I could say to that person(s) SOOOO BADLY, but 9 times out of 10 I don’t. Because my balls are marble size instead of tennis ball size.

Okay I’m done saying that word.

When I have a dilemma with someone I keep it to myself (and about 3-5 of my closest friends plus my dad) and usually they never find out that I had a problem with them or whatever they did.

Like today for example. There’s this immature twit in my class who is the youngest and basically an attention whore who doesn’t show up to class very often, has a stack of blue slips about an inch thick (those are the sheets you get when you miss class), punches walls when she is mad then bragging about it (hurting her most important tool for her future work- if she makes it through school), gets tattoos on her days off (when she knows she has to practice massage almost every day of the week and be practiced on), constantly texts on her phone throughout class, and butts in to people’s business. Well, today while I was giving a massage to a fellow classmate, she had the nerve to point out (while she’s sitting down not being able to massage because of her hand) that I was standing wrong. It took all I had not to give her a “go to hell” look or say something. I just kept my mouth shut and ignored her (easy to do) and kept going with my massage. I let my thoughts do all of the badmouthing.

Some people make it so hard to control yourself. Like bad drivers.

I just know next week when I see her if she talks to me I’ll be all sweet and innocent like I usually am because I am a coward. Sadly.

All the things people have done and maybe 30% of those times I’ve said something to them. I think I don’t because I feel like I sound stupid when I say mean things or even single people out although they have no problem doing it to me.

I wish I could be more like one of those girls that’s either: A) so scary that no one will talk to or even look at OR B) says what she feels at the exact moment she feels it thus making the other person either feel like an idiot or intimidated.






I wasn’t blessed with either of those qualities although I am great at making myself look like a jackass. Hee-haw!

So my worst quality is being a great doormat.




One thought on “So many flaws, so little time

  1. I think that’s a pretty common worst flaw, so I wouldn’t be too worried!

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