Party of 5

A writer once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If this is true, which five people would you like to spend your time with?

I do agree with the saying that’s been around forever about “you are the company you keep”. It’s true. If you don’t do the same things they do, people will think you do just because you are associated with them.

During high school, I was the kid (at one point) that hung out with the stoners and drug heads. I can honestly say I did not participate with them, which now I wish I had because it seems hippies have A LOT more fun than the normal people who don’t mess with that stuff. But anyways…even though I didn’t do any of the drugs they did, people thought I did. Some of them anyways. It’s a sticky situation.

So having said that, I’ve learned to keep much smarter (and safer) friends close to my heart and side. Whether it be book smart or street smart, they are smart! And I love that. I’ve come to dislike stupid people. Mean, I know.

These are in NO specific order…the ones I know personally do rank higher than the ones that are diseased though…just FYI.

1. Anna- the best friend. She’s there for me no matter what and always tries to look at my gruesome situations as a glass half full. We agree on a lot, mostly. She (99.9% of the time) has wiser solutions to problems than I do.


2. Cassie- the best friend. She was with me through thick and thin for half of my high school career. She is ALWAYS a positive thinker- unless it’s about an ex boyfriend or guy who treated me badly. Then she just wants to beat them up like a good friend should!


3. Marilyn Monroe- the idol, basically. She never seemed afraid of anything. I want her confidence and love for her body. She wasn’t afraid to be different.


4. Albert Einstein- the genius. If I had half of his smarts for science and math I wouldn’t have had suffered so much in all my years of dealing with algebra. Especially at the college level. It’s basically what threw me off of psychology.


5. Barry- the father. He has loved me even at my worst like a great parent should. He helps me even if it means going without sometimes. I don’t know where I would be without him.

fortworth 003

Since I’m not good at math (without numbers especially), I can’t calculate exactly what the average of these people is. My party of 5 would make me: wise, optimistic, confident, smart, and loving. That’s a damn good mix if you ask me.



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