Where there’s water…

A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are. Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.

I love the word oasis. It’s such a safe, pretty word. Which ties into it’s meaning quite a bit. A safe, pretty place to go to clear your head.


I would say my oasis (when my car works) would be a park. I used to go to college in Lake Charles and LOVED visiting the boardwalk park- Bord Du Lac. It was pretty small but so calming. People would be there walking, jogging, fishing, sailing, walking their pets…pretty much everything. Everyone looked happy. I would go there with my best friend and sometimes boyfriends (the 2 major ones I had during that period of time) and just enjoy the water clashing against the concrete and the sunsets. The ducks and birds would be quacking in the background.


I have always liked sailboats and we even had a couple when I was growing up so sitting by the water and watching them gave me a sense of home.

One of my favorite parts was that it was right across the lake from Lakeshore Drive. This was one of the prettiest and fanciest roads. The houses were gorgeous and it just set the scene.

The best time to go to the boardwalk would be at night. The moon glistening on the water, the soft lights outlining the harbor. If you were lucky, during the holidays the pretty houses would even have their gorgeous lights on which was really pretty to see.


I loved going there when I was stressed, overwhelmed, or just needed an escape. It would calm me down. Almost like a meditative tool. That is one of the places I miss the most from that city.

It was my oasis.


P.S.- I found these photos on Google- I did not take any of them!


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