She was exceptional…

I, for some reason, enjoy coming up with unique ways that I could die. No, no, I’m not insane or mentally unstable. I am writing my obituary. Here goes nothing…

Candice Lauren

Age 100, of New York City, NY, died tragically Friday due to  falling off of Mount St. Helen during her vacation. It has been said she was trying to climb it before she died…

11 and a half hours later…

See, I started this blog (like an idiot) before I left for school this morning  around 7:20 with the great intentions of writing something interesting and, if I got lucky, humorous, but it seems I can’t remember what I was going to say.

In high school, I had an English teacher ask my class to write our own obituaries. I thought it was cool and thought I could come up with some weird way that I would “die”. Some of my fellow classmates did not think the same way as I did. A few were astounded and replied with, “seriously? like o-m-g that’s so depressing!” while others replied with “ummm okay? whatever you say crazy teacher.” Only a few, and I mean one or two, replied with “wow cool! okay!” That was me.

BUT I never could come up with a really random, unique, hilarious way to die. I’m not saying death is hilarious in any way because it’s not.

All I could ever come up with would be the typical funny things like falling off a cliff or forgetting to open my parachute after jumping out of a plane or sucking in too much helium because I wanted to sound like a chipmunk 24/7.

Now that I think about it realistically, all I really hope to accomplish during my lifetime is happiness. I hope when people hear of my death (hopefully years and years and years from now) they say, “she was exceptional…” I want to be remembered.

So I guess it looks like I can’t write my obituary. I have too many creative ideas to get out.


Even though this is random and has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this post…I found this funny.


That could be me…or is it already? :O



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