Stuff your face

Months ago I bought a couple facials to try at home. I have never done one and was a little timid that it would make me break out or something iffy along those lines.

Today I decided to try one out. It’s called Clean-Up Mud and is really refreshing. I’ve been getting a few small pimples every now and then and figured it was time for a deep cleanse.

I opened the small package and it revealed a greenish-tan mud concoction. It had a nice smell, well if you like what Vick’s Vaporub smells like. The consistency and texture was smooth and thick. In my opinion, there was enough for 2 servings in the package, but I went ahead and piled as much of it on my face as I could. I paid $2.50 for it at Claire’s in the mall. They have all different types. I also bought a Strawberry Souffle that I’ll be trying soon as well.

I was trying to match…

After cleansing your face, you slap it on and then wait 10-15 minutes. I wasn’t quite patient enough so I rinsed it off after about 12 minutes. It wasn’t very relaxing wearing it while I helped make a sweet potato casserole in the kitchen. Ha ha! You should try and be careful not to scare anyone off while you are slathered up because it is quite frightful. Or that’s the impression I got when my dad screamed. Just kidding.

It did not burn or anything which I was thankful for. It did feel stiff, but it was kind of cool. It wasn’t quite uncomfortable either. Once I rinsed it off, my face was left with a nice refreshing feeling. And definitely clean!

This experiment went well (THANKFULLY!) and I recommend it for everyone.

My face will be nice and refreshed when I stuff it tomorrow with our delicious Thanksgiving feast!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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