You have to study

As you know, I started college again this month for massage therapy and I gotta say…I LOVE IT! For friends and family reading this, you know how long it’s taken me to find something I enjoy. No more major or college hopping for me. Woo! I’ve been learning interesting AND useful facts every day and I love that. Like today for example, I learned that 16 days after a woman is impregnated the baby inside of her is already growing a liver, pancreas, lung buds, and a few other vital organs along with skin. Or that obese people with Type 2 Diabetes and starving people in Africa (or somewhere) are dying of the same thing. Hunger.

So since this college is a 9 month long program that means tests, quizzes, midterms, and finals will be jam packed into these upcoming months. I knew this because I had went to college before and know the routine, but some of my fellow classmates do not know.


It’s that simple. That’s the one word for college. STUDY, STUDY, STUDY! You can skip class, get drunk, go party every night, do drugs, do whatever you want to, but you HAVE to study.

Like right now I should be studying for a quiz I have tomorrow. Or the midterm I have Thursday. Or the chapter test I have Monday. Yes, I have already began, but even I can’t pass up a reason to write a blog.

Learning time management isn’t a bad idea either. Actually it goes hand in hand with succeeding in school. Any type of school for that matter. In order to study, you must have time management.

I hate hearing people complaining about homework or tests in class. You are an adult. Like my teacher said today “no one put a gun to your head- you chose to come here”.


That’s exactly right. Just suck it up and do what you gotta do. There are people out there who don’t and will never have the chance to get a college degree or any certification. There are still some countries out there that don’t allow women to even think about college.

I am thankful for living in the United States and having all of the rights (as a woman too) that I do. I do take them for granted sometimes and for that I am ashamed, but more times than not I am glad I can further my education. In 9 or so months, I will walk out with a massage therapy certificate proudly in my hands and will gladly place it on my wall.

An education shouldn’t be abandoned or scoffed at. I may not get a degree like I would’ve at the university I was attending, but I am still proud of myself and of everyone who’s out there doing this.

Give yourself a pat on the back because it is truly f’n hard work (especially for anything medical related)!



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