National Adoption Awareness Month

Besides Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day and any other holiday in November I can’t think of at the moment, November is also National Adoption Awareness month.

I have always been highly appreciative of the people who adopt children. I think it’s a great idea and definitely a useful way to help our society.

Hundreds or maybe even thousands (I’m guessing) of kids are abandoned or neglected a day. People who have kids don’t always understand the responsibility and simply give up. Personally, I hate that.

I have even thought about adoption once or twice for future references. It could possibly happen if I have the right circumstances and all that. Sadly it’s an expensive and costly ordeal but it’s worth it.

I have family members who were adopted and there wasn’t anything wrong with them. If people ever say a child is given up to the state because of something he or she did, that’s bullshit. They didn’t ask for that nor do they deserve it.

I wasn’t planning on giving my full opinion or going on a rant. Oops.

On a much lighter note, it’s finally Friday and the weekend is here. I have my last day of dreaded work tomorrow then I’ll be free! Actually then I’ll be able to study my ass off. Hehe.



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